Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Day 2016

It's Leap Day today! Leap days are so exciting because it’s literally an extra 24 hours in the year, which means we get more time to do stuff we want to do before the year is up! It’s almost as exciting as a long weekend – only almost! I’m all for getting leap days off work (a new public holiday idea?) since it is such a unique and uncommon occurrence, right?

My sister has also just come home from her long holiday in Japan (so jealous!) She brought back lots of yummy goodies so we got to have a taste of Japan too

All of them were really yummy, but I think my absolute favourite from the pile was the 白い恋人 white chocolate biscuits デリシャス!

Amazingly creamy and sweet white chocolate sandwiched between two thin, crispy biscuits! I don’t usually like white chocolate as I find them too sweet and lacking in cacao taste, but this one was really good and had the right balance of sweetness No wonder these are so famous!

In other news, you’ll notice on the right hand column (or row?) of my blog there is an Instagram feed! Yay I finally got Instagram after everyone has had it for like a hundred years – I know I’m so behind! Initially I was like “No I’ll never be able to post a gazillion photos every day I won’t be able to keep up with maintaining it”, but then people were like to me “No you don’t have to post regularly at all plus you can get it to look at other people’s inspirational photos”. And so I thought about it and I was like hmm okay why not, I guess I’ll start mine this year – what better day to start it than on Leap Day, right? Clearly taking the leap to start a new social media account on the one extra day of the year!

Anyway if you are interested or just plain curious, view my new Instagram! I’ll try my best to update it more so that if you’re sick of my random thoughts on Twitter, or my blubbering narratives on my blog, you can literally see things from my point of view from my (mostly) word-less photos