Sunday, January 10, 2016

Dear 2016

Dear 2016,

It is nice to meet you, although it is also slightly nerve-racking, as it has always been meeting the ones that have gone before you. This time however unlike most, we have an extra day to stay acquainted, making that a total of 366 days. Which could be great, given the extra 24 hours to contribute to something, or do something productive. Or it could be an extra 24 hours of disappointment and emptiness. We don’t know yet, do we? New always comes with so much uncertainty.

Like a block of white paper sitting on the shelf. I like the idea of white paper, but sometimes I fear how it calls for art. What if I make a mess and the white turns into a horrible giant melting blob of unidentifiable colours, if you could even call them such? And that’s the thing with ink and paint – you can’t quite erase them completely. Or if the scissors slips and the snowflake turns out to look more like half-eaten watermelon. The only thing you can do is take another piece of paper and start over, the next day if you’re lucky, or maybe the next week. And what’s done is done.

But now that we’re on it, please be good to me. Work with me so that we can accomplish together what the One who gave you to me intended. If you can’t be smooth, then please be forgiving. Remind me that I can’t create beauty without first picking up the brush in courage. Remind me that rain is only temporary and will stop in time to reveal sunshine, and maybe a rainbow. And to not take the sunshine for granted because tomorrow it might be engulfed by dark clouds.

Here's to creating great things together.


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