Saturday, June 4, 2016

Painted Teacups

My apologies for being away for so long and not posting regular updates as I should be It’s been tough trying to attain a work-life balance since full-time work began. I can’t say I’ve had much time to sit down and have a good think or write – certainly a luxury I didn’t know I had. There are other luxuries now of course, not to undermine or be ungrateful for such – like not being tied to assignments and exams after the workday ends I’ve had the blog on my mind for a while and I keep telling myself I need to find time and sit down and do a good write but every weekend comes and it eludes me and I think to myself I’ll do it the weekend after… Not exactly working out though and before I know it months have passed and this blog is thirsty for ink.

So what’s happened since I last posted?

J is back from his 16-week-long stint in the States , which is pretty cool because now we get to hang out and make local phone calls and get soaked under a tiny umbrella in the rain and overeat food – all very cool stuff obviously. But every second of this time is even more precious because I know that soon he’ll have to pack up and whisk off again and it might be a long time this time round before we get to do these again. I know it’s scary and hard and sometimes it’ll feel like a vast desert but I suppose everything’s part of a greater plan and under control of the One who knows.

I travelled to Singapore last month to attend two weddings. So glad to be able to share the joy of my now newly-wedded friends and it just hits me that everyone is growing up so fast and being all adult now! Like where did all the time go?

At Meixiu and Kwanghui's.

At Audrey and Ken's.

Also did the most Singaporean thing ever (do as the locals do, am I right?) and queued two hours for BAKE cheese tarts!! Hahahaha my excuse is that being on holiday I totally have time and my reward is these melty, fluffy cheese tarts!

I got to go to touristy places too in addition to revisiting places I used to go to, which is great!
Had lots of fun sitting on the moon.

Having a tea party with my dollies.

As always, my favourite dish from TCC - the Shrooms Bite! Except this one has a bit of a twist with mentaiko seafood filling which is super yummy too

Probably not a secret that I've got a thing for mentaiko flavoured everything haha!
Mentaiko and seaweed fries from Grub.

Winter is also officially here and my hair has gone frosty! I took a bit of time to warm up (ha, warm up!) to these granny greys as this colour isn’t really what I’d normally go for, but it has faded to a bit of a silvery ash blonde which is quite nice

It’s funny also because after going granny grey, I began noticing a bit of a trend with greys and silver hair. I guess I'm not complaining - just doing my thing keeping up with trends, yeah?

Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Day 2016

It's Leap Day today! Leap days are so exciting because it’s literally an extra 24 hours in the year, which means we get more time to do stuff we want to do before the year is up! It’s almost as exciting as a long weekend – only almost! I’m all for getting leap days off work (a new public holiday idea?) since it is such a unique and uncommon occurrence, right?

My sister has also just come home from her long holiday in Japan (so jealous!) She brought back lots of yummy goodies so we got to have a taste of Japan too

All of them were really yummy, but I think my absolute favourite from the pile was the 白い恋人 white chocolate biscuits デリシャス!

Amazingly creamy and sweet white chocolate sandwiched between two thin, crispy biscuits! I don’t usually like white chocolate as I find them too sweet and lacking in cacao taste, but this one was really good and had the right balance of sweetness No wonder these are so famous!

In other news, you’ll notice on the right hand column (or row?) of my blog there is an Instagram feed! Yay I finally got Instagram after everyone has had it for like a hundred years – I know I’m so behind! Initially I was like “No I’ll never be able to post a gazillion photos every day I won’t be able to keep up with maintaining it”, but then people were like to me “No you don’t have to post regularly at all plus you can get it to look at other people’s inspirational photos”. And so I thought about it and I was like hmm okay why not, I guess I’ll start mine this year – what better day to start it than on Leap Day, right? Clearly taking the leap to start a new social media account on the one extra day of the year!

Anyway if you are interested or just plain curious, view my new Instagram! I’ll try my best to update it more so that if you’re sick of my random thoughts on Twitter, or my blubbering narratives on my blog, you can literally see things from my point of view from my (mostly) word-less photos

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Dear 2016

Dear 2016,

It is nice to meet you, although it is also slightly nerve-racking, as it has always been meeting the ones that have gone before you. This time however unlike most, we have an extra day to stay acquainted, making that a total of 366 days. Which could be great, given the extra 24 hours to contribute to something, or do something productive. Or it could be an extra 24 hours of disappointment and emptiness. We don’t know yet, do we? New always comes with so much uncertainty.

Like a block of white paper sitting on the shelf. I like the idea of white paper, but sometimes I fear how it calls for art. What if I make a mess and the white turns into a horrible giant melting blob of unidentifiable colours, if you could even call them such? And that’s the thing with ink and paint – you can’t quite erase them completely. Or if the scissors slips and the snowflake turns out to look more like half-eaten watermelon. The only thing you can do is take another piece of paper and start over, the next day if you’re lucky, or maybe the next week. And what’s done is done.

But now that we’re on it, please be good to me. Work with me so that we can accomplish together what the One who gave you to me intended. If you can’t be smooth, then please be forgiving. Remind me that I can’t create beauty without first picking up the brush in courage. Remind me that rain is only temporary and will stop in time to reveal sunshine, and maybe a rainbow. And to not take the sunshine for granted because tomorrow it might be engulfed by dark clouds.

Here's to creating great things together.