Sunday, October 18, 2015

Bundle of birthday sweets

My birthday has arrived again, as it is meant to every year! I haven’t really celebrated my birthday properly for many years now since I always either had examinations, or papers to write, or something to do during the time. I also have been shying away from making a huge fuss of this day because I’ve been feeling really old and almost slightly glum about ageing every year I think this age is kind of a strange time - you seem to be morphing into an adult with responsibilities and are meant to be having all sorts of concrete plans for life, but at the same time you’re kind of not quite there yet and are unsure what you’re supposed to be. Most people whom I’ve shared my concerns with about ageing have laughed and told me that I was nuts. It might be just me, I don’t know! But perhaps it may also be because I’m in a university environment most of the time now and most people I see are younger than myself, and I imagine them to be youthfully carefree and unperturbed by this thing called adulthood.

But anyway, enough of my depressing ramblings. This year I celebrated my birthday at this posh dessert bar that my sister and I have been wanting to go for a long time now This place is renowned for their creative desserts and only allows for bookings in advance. Initially, I didn’t think we’d be able to book this place as we made the decision really late to celebrate here, but I thought I’d just try calling anyway. Lo and behold, the really kind staff member said he was able to squeeze us in at the 8 pm slot so that was really amazing and made our day!

Dark chocolate sphere filled with ice-cream and chocolate drizzle, on a bed of sweet pistachio cake and yummy chewy churros! I really liked the churros – that was my favourite part of the dessert It also looked quite splendid coming in a huge bell jar and that also added to the fun of it! You know what they say; we eat with our eyes!

I think I enjoyed celebrating my birthday more than I thought I would. For once I managed to put aside age and put life into focus. I was able to temporarily shelve the idea of losing my youth, and concentrate on celebrating the moments I have with the important people in my life. It was most certainly a sweet birthday, enjoying the now and the presence of people whom you know love and care about you most.

The other part of sweet was tasting all the yummy desserts of course, but that’s a bonus!