Thursday, September 10, 2015

R U OK? 2015

The R U OK movement is in full swing on campus, with floating yellow balloons everywhere, free hugs (from a big cuddly bear!) , and volunteers handing out free food and asking “R U OK?” to passing strangers. Even the careers space was decorated with bright and happy yellow balloons, which I had to navigate around to get to the desk! For those who are wondering, the R U OK movement is a national day of action and aims to highlight how one little question can make a big difference to people struggling with life While the activities on campus were all thoughtfully planned and done in good intentions, the point was raised recently about how one particular method of approaching strangers to ask "R U OK" was far from welcoming, and instead created pressure for some to be falsely positive. I think it is extremely important that people need to feel safe and are in the company of others they are comfortable with before being able to open up about something as personal as their mental health, or even other emotional issues for that matter. This is one of the reasons why I find prying questions (without being approached) distasteful in general, because all intentions aside, it tends to ignore whether or not the other party is comfortable disclosing their issues to you.

Just so people can understand mental issues better, this comic artist Nick Seluk, has used illustrations to express what living with depression and anxiety is like. I think it’s really well done – take a look!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

About time for some Sun

Hello there, welcome to my new blog address! I will be updating all my links to this, as well as a making a redirect from my old page (or an image that when clicked takes you here). Those who were redirected from there would have seen it yes? But why did I decide to move? This decision was not a spontaneous one, and is one which has actually been on my mind for quite some time now. There wasn’t anything wrong at all with my previous address (in fact, I still like it very much), but I thought it was time to change my address and title to better reflect the content and overall theme I have here. Sweetest Tales is great, but as we all know, life doesn’t always hand us honey cake and fairy floss So I went back to the drawing board for a bit to come up with a better name to reflect things like my musings, or random things that happen in my life, and after a few options, narrowed it down to Esther Mode which I thought sounded like it would fit well! And so here we have it, the birth of my new blog address!

Spring has apparently arrived, though we are still feeling the icy temperatures especially in the mornings I was looking forward to this weekend as work has lightened up a bit, and I thought I might be relaxed and awake enough to do some baking! But I fell victim to a horrible flu and stomach bug in the middle of the week, and I’ve been stuck in my room with this awful broken glass feeling in my throat and a stuffy head and nose It’s the most frustrating thing! Whenever I’m sick all I want to do is just lie in bed sadly and I never feel like doing anything else.

Anyway, stay healthy everyone! And also because it is R U OK Day, I’d like to spread some extra sunshine and hugs to everyone, especially to those who are finding it hard to respond positively to the question. Whatever you are going through, please remember that you are not alone in this world and that things will get better