Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Taste of Completion

It has been such a long and tiring process, but I’ve finally completed the thesis! Yay After going through the stress of putting together a dissertation myself, I’ve developed a newfound respect for PhD candidates who have to do way more. My thesis only required 18,000 words over the span of one year, which pales in comparison to the average PhD course of four years and a thesis of 100,000 words! Nevertheless, I am quite pleased with myself for being able to complete a full thesis regardless of the grades I am to receive, though of course in all sincerity I couldn’t have done it without both academic and moral support from my supervisor, family, and friends, as well as God’s continued sustenance, mercy, and wisdom

Finally all done!

The faculty held an inaugural Postgraduate Awards Night to which all graduating students were invited to. K and I as graduands who’ve been in the same classes since day one, thought it would be a great event to mark our graduating year and also to catch up, so why not?

Entry ticket~ Formal dress code means I get to dress up!

Me and my brilliant supervisor Dr J

K and I at the reception entrance! He was complaining how short he felt haha! I’ve got really high heels on because my dress was way too long and so I had to try and prevent myself from tripping over with the highest pair I could find It was still too long though so I had to hold it up and hobble carefully (I am so embarrassing!)

Now that my thesis is done, I’ve been able to take on more shifts at work which initially I didn’t imagine I would be doing as I was under the impression that I wouldn’t have much to do once the semester finished. Quite relieved though that this isn’t the case, and on top of that, I am to take on a bit more responsibilities pertaining to my degree, which is fantastic news since I wanted to get some work experience and I know it is difficult to get a decent one because of my lack of practical experience. Exceedingly grateful for the opportunity, and here's hoping I’ll be able to learn quickly on the job

I’ve also been doing a bit of baking in my extra time! During the last year or so I didn’t have much free time at all to do any baking so I made a mental note of which desserts I wanted to try out. In the last few months I’ve discovered the amazing red velvet cake, and so straightaway I wanted to start with it

Baked these cupcakes with cream cheese frosting! The faint red colour is what gives red velvet its name, but because I didn’t add red colouring, the colour isn’t as vivid as it should be.

Very happy with how it tastes too! Everyone who tried them said very nice things so I’m pleased

Not sure if this is visible through the image, but these are mini versions of the cupcake. Halfway through pouring batter into the cupcake papers, I realised I didn’t have enough pans for the rest of the batter. Fortunately we had a mini cupcake pan so I was able to finish off the batter in it.

If you haven’t tried red velvet cupcakes or cakes, go and try some! Cream cheese frosting is my absolute favourite to top this flavour so be on the lookout whenever you pass a bakery!