Saturday, March 28, 2015

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Homecoming and Transits

Cool and chilly days are now upon us and it’s time to get the fluffy knitwear out of the closet! March is usually more than just the start of autumn and cooler days, it is also the month where the new semester starts and universities spring back to life with sprawling crowds of students and professors. The beginning of March this year has been particularly significant, because for the people around me, it has also been a time of homecoming Some may remember this post I wrote in early 2013 about my brother leaving the country for military consignment. Two years has come and gone now, and he’s now come back home and eating all our food!

Recently J has also come home from his internship in the States, as some of you may know he flew off in November last year. He was also forced to kind enough to make room in his luggage for all my online shopping which he complained remarked was taking up a third of his luggage. You know I’m ever so appreciative and grateful for the kindness of your heart right?! Obviously the shopping is the reason why I’m excited for J’s return

As much as it seems to be a season of starts, for me it hasn’t mainly been so, but rather a continuation. I haven’t had the conventional summer vacation most students had this time because I’m still in the middle of writing my thesis And yes, it has been months - a long and tiring process, but I’m going to try and keep moving forward until I finish and hopefully have something good to show for it I caught up with K the other day over brunch, and we were just talking about how all the uncertainty is scaring us as we near the end of our course. We may all have our own paths lined up for us later, though we can take comfort that we are not alone in facing this uncertainty.

Anyway, so brunch was pretty yummy (as most brunches are)! The restaurant was set half outdoors half indoors, and I liked that it had tables among these beautiful swings and lawns. The menu was grub-inspired, and my choice was the Grub Croque, which was filled with melty white gruyere cheese and tasty gypsy ham between some crunchy buttered toast

The yummy Grub Croque!

No matter where everyone is at this stage, be it a homecoming, a transit, or a new beginning, I hope the month of March goes well for you~