Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Dash of Spring

Dreaming of spring…

Adios winter! Can’t wait for the weather to turn warmer and for lots of sunshine and longer days! So glad I’m not one of those who have to work outdoors rain or shine every single day - like the regular posties who I see working hard every morning to deliver mail to our front doors. Just last week I was expecting a parcel but I missed it when the postie came to deliver it in the morning So as usual, a card was left at the door and I went to get it, hoping to just log in the article number online and pick a time over the week when I know I would be available to answer the door.

When I went to get the card however, I noticed something extra written on the front cover. Scribbled on it was a memo saying to please call E at this number asap. And I thought to myself that while this postie was probably being really nice trying to catch me at my convenience, there was no need for me to bother him to come back and also I had to hurry off to uni soon. It wasn’t like I had to urgently receive it or anything so I popped the card back down on the table and went off to prepare for uni

So that evening when I got back home, my mum casually mentioned from the sofa that I had a parcel in my room and that the postie who delivered it was a really nice man. For a moment there I was really puzzled Did I make another order which I don’t remember doing? How do I have another one if I’d just missed a parcel today? Wait… or was it the same one? And so I started blabbering on to my mum about me missing my parcel in the morning and being so confused, and she just looked at me all confused and then after interjecting multiple times that she received a parcel for me and she has no idea what I’m talking about, decided to just let me go on blabbering senselessly until I got to my room

Indeed the parcel in my room was the same one I had missed in the morning! And then I realised that even though I didn’t call, the postie must have come back to each house he missed after his rounds to try and redeliver the parcels I ran out of my room waving the card at my mum, “Mum you don’t understand, look, I missed it this morning, he must have come back to every missed house after his rounds!” She immediately understood then, and said that he was really nice; he had passed it to her after seeing her at the house. Kudos to you Mr E, for going the extra mile It was really nice of him to go out of his way to redeliver the parcels after his rounds because usually posties just leave the missed parcels at the post office for the recipient to collect or to be redelivered the next day. Needless to say, it made my day

It has been storming pretty badly over the last few days, lots of rain and lots of hail Fortunately I’m indoors and not outside in the erratic weather like the posties!

This is the view from my living room, it was hailing at the time!

In other news, there has also been a media storm here, because of the Kardashians

Look at her hair! Even TV stars aren’t exempt from our notorious winds!

The media and paparazzi have been going crazy over their arrival in Australia. I’ve been around in the city but haven’t actually seen them, not that I’d like to be stalking them or anything haha. I do know though that there is a pop-up store on Chapel Street which fanatics have been queuing up hours for. And there are security guards outside the place only allowing a few in at a time. Some people are probably just queuing for a possibility of catching a glimpse of them though I think!