Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Rule #510

Never apologise for having high standards. People who really want to be in your life will rise up to meet them.

Saturday, June 7, 2014


The winter season is upon us again! It’s time to rummage through the winter wardrobe and pull out all the nice warm knits to combat the bitter chill and frosty winds. Featured above is my “ice-cream knit”, as J terms it, because apparently these are ice-cream colours Apart from the blueberry blue, there is the coral pink, chocolate brown and vanilla cream colours on it which resembles the Neapolitan ice-cream.

Yummy ice-cream with all the classic flavours!

I never like what happens to my hair during the winter season. When it is cold and windy at the same time, my hair becomes quite dry and ends up in a tangled mess which is quite frustrating So glad though that we have a winter break during this time so I’m not regularly travelling outside for classes or anything. Sometimes on chilly days I stay in and watch videos. Look what I found the other day watching my favourite talk show Ellen!

Hot guy alert on the right! Honestly I like this song; it has a nice catchy tune and also because I think a video dedicated to Ellen like this is way overdue. She is a lovely person, very inspiring and funny and generous and kind and always seeking to change the world for the better. Also, I’m quite happy watching the “pool boy” in the video haha and I think Stevie Brock next to him has a nice singing voice

In the last couple of days I’ve also just merged my older archives from my previous blog into this blog simply because of the constant technical issues I’ve been having which prevents the other blog from running smoothly Some readers haven’t been able to go in there to read my older posts (very flattered, but I was such a teenage drama queen then!) The reason why initially I had to separate them is because before the days of the current Blogger, I had set up my blog with a custom code and used other codes for user interaction which do not work in the current version of Blogger. Which is why unfortunately even though I’ve merged the posts here, some posts may still be “locked” or hard to read and messy. I may do a clean-up over the next few days and try not to change too much content (although I’m very tempted to seeing how ridiculously immature my writing style used to be!) But just for old friends and old times’ sake I may just leave the writing style alone seeing that it was the “authentic” style in the past; the way my friends and I used to write in when we were younger. I know I’m risking a whole lot of judgment though but hey - we were all young and stupid once obviously!

P.S. Okay I was kidding I re-read my posts and I was unbelievably ridiculous so I'm only allowing posts from 2009 please don't hurt me