Sunday, April 20, 2014

Chocolatey Goodness

Easter is here again and as always, it reiterates the message of hope and love to people worldwide. We celebrate the resurrection of Christ, and His triumph over death And through the boundless grace and love of God we too will find life over death!

While the rest of Australia is enjoying the long weekend going to barbeques, shopping and road trips, I am happily taking a rest from the whirlwind first half of the semester Yes, it is mid-semester break now for the week which is pretty awesome, though it overlaps with the long Easter and ANZAC day public holidays so technically only Wednesday and Thursday are university holidays but doesn’t matter as long as I get to sleep in

The Easter bunny and Easter chocolate are integral to the well-known festivities of Easter. Chocolates are like flooding the supermarkets and stores currently and it is like chocolate heaven for any chocoholics out there! I am enjoying the MaltEaster bunnies by Maltesers. It has the same crunchy malty filling enrobed in milk chocolate as Maltesers, but also a creamy malty centre as well.

Delicious cute chocolate bunny!

No actual Maltesers were hurt during the making of this bunny. What a relief!

Few weeks ago my parents were in Asia and knowing that I am a huge Glico fan, got me a variety of flavours from the Glico range Made me sososososo happy! In case anyone is wondering, Glico is an Asian confectionery company which manufactures biscuit sticks of sweet and savoury goodness!

Look at the yummy flavours! My personal favourites from this selection are the Pocky Green Tea Matcha and the Pocky Milk Mousse. Luscious creamy goodness! Initially I didn't think that I would like the matcha flavour because I assumed it would taste bitter, but to my surprise it tastes pleasantly sweet! I've never had real green tea matcha before so I guess I must have had the wrong assumption

There is also Pocky Panda, which is biscuit sticks coated with cookies and cream. You can’t go wrong with cookies and cream! I like the Panda concept too, fits really well with cookies and cream

This Pocky is a different type of biscuit stick aimed at the adult consumers. It is a wheat biscuit stick coated in milk chocolate, which gives a crispier and crunchier texture than normal Pocky. Naturally, apart from texture the wheat biscuit tastes different, not as tasty as the normal ones in my opinion but it may be just an acquired taste. It is marketed as “Milk for Adults”, if anyone wants to know what the words mean The milk chocolate coating itself though is really chocolatey and yummy – I’d say it tastes better than the normal ones!

Now that I have a free week, I’ll probably be lingering around Asian grocery shops digging for more imported Asian confectionery Guess you know where to find me now!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Racing Sanity

I know, I know, I haven’t blogged in the longest time. It’s been over a month since my last post and that wasn’t even a wordy post! I started this year thinking that I should blog more often each month but alas, work caught up with me and disappointingly, I’ve been too stretched for time to squeeze in posts For those who don’t yet know, I’ve gone back to university this year to begin postgraduate studies after graduating last year.

Can you believe it was only a few months ago that I was wearing this gown?

And yes, I know, I must be insane to choose optional further studies Anyone would be, right? Well, personally though for me when I started my undergraduate studies, I never was certain that it would take me to a specific career. It was just something I was interested in, and at that time I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do, nor did I have enough information to decide on a career path. I knew that this was the general field I wanted to go into and this was what interested me most. Fast-forward to graduation year, and I realised I was left with critical and research skills and two half-baked languages, but no actual technical skills… So back to university it is, this time specifically in an industry-related degree where I could gain more knowledge about and graduate hopefully with employability skills. That is, if I even graduate at all… *nervous laugh* It has been going okay so far I think, but not easy as postgraduate studies has quite a heavy workload, and also since I've come into this from a different background. One of my lecturers mentioned that her degree is from the exact same background as mine, which is pretty cool! She too found it hard at first to grasp terms and theories but did say that it will get easier over time, so hopefully I can do this quickly! Right now I’ve been learning more about the field which isn’t just journalism which most people might imagine it to be. There are also elements of public relations, social media marketing, human resource and management etc. At least that’s what I’ve understood from the last few weeks of classes.

I’ve also been doing some casual work at university as part of student services, which should go on until the end of this semester. Fortunately it hasn’t been too tough so far. The work culture is great, my supervisors are really approachable and I feel able to ask questions or feedback for improvement which is a good thing. Also this might sound strange haha but honestly it is gratifying whenever I'm able to offer useful help and the students leave the session pleased Overall I like my work, though it's too bad it's only a semester's contract

A couple of weeks ago it was quite hot, way too hot for autumn And so I had the fan switched on for bed, and set the alarm for work the next day. First day of work too! But the next thing I knew, I found myself awake and sensing it seemed too bright for the early morning, I grabbed the phone to see what time it was – it was already 1 hour and 30 minutes after I was supposed to be awake! I leapt out of bed and furiously jabbed the phone to check if the alarm went off and I realised that I didn’t hear it because the fan from last night was louder than the alarm. Which normally isn’t a problem because it is usually cold at night and so I don't use the fan.

I was sprinting around the house grabbing keys, grabbing clothes and there was no other choice but to book a taxi. The thing is that I’ve never booked a taxi in my life (not in Melbourne at least). So I was frantically checking online, typing my details in and worrying if my booking had gone out, worrying the taxi wouldn’t come on time, worrying the taxi couldn’t find my address I had no experience booking a taxi during peak hour morning traffic and I was dead worried that there would be no taxis available at all during peak hour. And so I sat on the doorstep praying hard the taxi would show up and fortunately it did! I grabbed my stuff and ran out and told the driver to take me to the Caulfield campus.

On the journey there, I noticed the driver wasn’t taking the roads I would normally take to Caulfield. Oh right if anyone is wondering why I didn’t just drive there, it’s because Mum had my car because hers had to be sent for servicing, and normally I don’t drive there anyway in the morning. Firstly I do not wish to pay $20 per day to park my car, and secondly I do not wish to be fighting with other drivers during peak hour over carpark lots, and thirdly I do not wish to find out upon reaching there that there isn't any lots available and then start freaking out and crying on the wheel

Anyway, so the taxi driver was driving in a different direction and I thought alright, maybe he’s taking the quicker route because I as his customer, am obviously rushing off somewhere. So I stayed quiet and just went along with it, thinking he was going to head to Dandenong Road, which is the big main road down to Caulfield. He didn’t and instead went on straight towards the M1, which is the freeway and I thought oh the freeway should get me there faster right, great. Until I realised he was missing the exit and going on towards the farther exit and I was wondering if this really was the quicker route since he would have to make one round back. By the time I got there, I had just made it in time on the dot for work, though the taxi fare was hefty at $35 and it did take longer than me normally driving there which makes me think he could've taken me through to the scenic route to earn more money… I told J about it that night, who was like “$35?! How can it be $35 from yours to Caulfield?” Later I checked the maps and found out that the taxi driver indeed had taken the route with a longer distance compared to the route I would normally take

At least I did reach on time which is a good thing but I had to pay a huge price for that, what with me panicking and the longer route and the monetary loss Lesson learnt though – I haven’t dared use the fan since even on hot nights!