Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sunfrost Trip I

I’m back home in Melbourne and it was absolutely scorching for the first couple of days! Lots of desert heat is being trapped here from the northern parts of Australia and everyday has been a battle to stay cool and hydrated. It was so hot that I unfortunately fell victim and had a fever, and had to stay stuck in bed because I didn’t feel well to do anything else at all There also have been reports of bushfires around Victoria and these bushfires have been affecting the weather Conditions are quite hazy and causing breathing difficulties for some. While driving out from home the other day, I actually thought all the smoke was from the neighbours having a barbeque somewhere! Hopefully it will rain heavily and put out all the bushfires so the people and animals affected will be safe

The Shanghai-Singapore-Malaysia vacation was a lot of fun Sunfrost; lots of sun and lots of frost because it was summer in Southeast Asia and winter in East Asia. I absolutely enjoyed meeting up with everyone X and I celebrated ten years of bestie-ness by marking the year with a pair of sparklies!

Yay our gorgeous sparklies!

Ten years and counting! Also this is our first polaroid together!

My lovely Knots clique also had heaps of fun playing at Escape Artist! It is a game where we get locked up in a room and have 50 minutes to find and unlock several boxes of clues to get to the final box which the key is in to unlock the door. It was quite thrilling and all of us were really using our heads trying to figure out clues. The best feeling of course was that moment when we figured out the last clue with about 5 minutes to go and screamed with joy when the door was unlocked!

Completed A Wonderfool Dream Room which had about 20% success rate!

We were so excited after our first success that we had to go back again. Touted the most “difficult” room with less than 5% success rate, we completed The Secrets of Da Vinci Room in a record breaking time, placing us at 2nd place! Woohoo!

Singapore is also a food paradise, and I was indulging in amazing and inexpensive food every day! The most memorable dish for me was the very famous Shiok Maki!

Shiok Maki is honestly the best sushi I've ever had! The flavour combination of the well-cooked salmon with the creamy mentaiko sauce and my favourite bursts of tobiko was simply delightful We had to queue a whole whopping hour for this restaurant, and I was getting quite restless and annoyed. I was grumbling, "This restaurant better be amazing for such a long queue time! Otherwise I'd be punching the chef in the face!" Thankfully (for the chef), the food was indeed yummy and I was won over by the sushi この寿司が本当に好き!I'm up for queueing again for this dish the next time I visit Singapore!

Enjoying brunch with L at a lovely café after church! Amazing ambience, amazing service and amazing food

Brekkie set

Caught up with B언니 for some yummy sushi! If only sushi here was as good and as cheap as the ones in Singapore…

All classy for some fine dining!

By the fountain~

Gorgeous fairytale coach

I also visited Gardens by the Bay, and got to go up to Sands Skypark Observation Deck. It was a great experience with a lovely view of the city, gardens and the sea. But the experience had to be cut short because it was way too windy! My dress kept flying upwards from both the back and front and I had to use both hands to press it down and was walking around like an awkward crab or something haha My hair was also flying all over the place and covering my eyes. If I ever get the chance to go up there again, I’ll definitely be dressed in shorts and also have my hair in a ponytail!

Just look at how stunning the view is!

Finally a shot with less wind.

Exploring the gardens.

Apparently this is called the Supertree Grove! Not sure if real trees though.

Alright will stop here for now! I will also be posting on my trip to China as well as the Universal Studios Singapore photos in the next part of Sunfrost Trip

In other news, Korea SBS’s Running Man is scheduled to come to Australia to film an episode! I was so excited because I absolutely love the show!
I’ve been hoping they would come to Melbourne city to film and allow us to catch a glimpse of them but so far the news has been that they might film in Ballarat Nooooo… 런닝맨 진짜 보고 싶다... Sigh. Oh well, either way I guess it is still pretty exciting news to know that they will be filming outside Asia for once, here in Australia – can’t wait to watch that episode!