Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas on the Coast

Merry Christmas everyone! It is the holiday season and Australia is all nice and warm and decorated with festive ornaments. If you look closely around here, you get to see some cars on the roads decked in reindeer antlers and reindeer noses every year. I think it looks cute but kind of distracting sometimes for other drivers and road users (me included) haha!

I’ve just come back from a short holiday in the Gold Coast! It was really relaxing and nice to just get away from my thesis writing and forget about university and other pressures We got to explore Surfer’s Paradise a bit on the first day we arrived and I thought it looked like a fancy Tinseltown sort of neighbourhood lined with palm trees, all tropical and pleasant-looking. It wasn’t too difficult trying to get around and there was even a convenient Asian grocery store where I could get quail eggs to go with Korean noodles! Yummy!

Tiny quail eggs boiled to perfection!

Ready to explore right after we land!

Surfer’s Paradise is such an apt name for the place. It has such stunning beaches! The water is clear and bright blue, and the sand white and soft! I was worried about taking off my slippers though because who knows what is hidden beneath the sand B was stomping all over the soft sand and made us take off our slippers by kicking sand onto our feet (on purpose!) so in the end I went barefoot, and then promptly freaked out again when I noticed paramedics tending to this young boy playing near us who had stepped on some metal bits in the sand. People please don’t litter please please!

Fading pink sunset hues in the sky~

View from the apartment we were staying in~ They have really nice facilities, with a gym, games room and swimming pool included. Pity we didn’t have much time to use them though!

Disrupting B’s Outfit-of-the-Day (OOTD) photos! He’s living the vain Libra life Haha but really, B has been amazingly diligent in taking photos throughout the whole trip - not just of his outfits. And that is how I have so many photos to share (thanks B)!

Did you know that there is free WiFi on the Queensland Rail? We thought it was really cool! Also, there seemed to be quite a fair distance from one station to the next, so passengers on long journeys would put it to good use I’m sure!

Here we are being embarrassingly touristy and excited for our next stop!

Yay for White Christmas at Movieworld! Check out the gigantic Christmas tree!

All ready to begin our adventure! And thanks X for your cap – kept my head nice and cool and protected from the sun! As much as Australia as a whole is infamous for its desert weather and sun, I think the weather in Gold Coast seems somewhat hotter and harsher When we were there the sun was coming through a lot, and I noticed on most days the sky was cloudless and clear blue. Which is pretty to look at, but also means heaps of sun rays and heat are coming through and torching our skin

B and X’s first ride of the day! Apparently it was really scary because it was dark and you couldn’t see where you were going so it made the ride more intense!

Also made our way to Dreamworld for the night event~

Naww they’re not looking! Looks like I’m doing a Kylie Jenner

“I found my happy place!” Cute little Instagram booth~

X particularly wanted to go for horseback riding so we spent an afternoon out in the countryside at a farm. We also got to learn how to crack whips (scary stuff!) and throw a boomerang.

My not-so-successful attempt! It looks easy when the farmhand does it, but it’s hard trying to do it yourself. B and X were laughing at me the whole time (from afar for their safety) and I even slapped myself by accident with the whip

Beautiful countryside scenery!

More animal and bird-watching at the wildlife sanctuary~

On our way to try and find koalas hidden in the trees!

Crocodile feeding time!

Admiring the Christmas fireworks by the beach. We were attending the Christmas carols concert and were surprised to see that hundreds of people turned up! Even the media journalists and crew were there complete with their van, filming the event. We didn't quite realise it was a huge thing And because we were already slightly late, there was nowhere to sit and so we had to watch it standing all the way from the other end of the beach.

Midnight ocean breeze!

It certainly was a fun-filled trip there, pity it was a bit short! My skin did get darker (the horror!) and I think it looks kind of silly having my arms and my legs in different colours now... Hope everyone's been having a lovely Christmas too!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Walk to Remember

“I held her close to me with my eyes closed, wondering if anything in my life had ever been this perfect and knowing at the same time that it hadn't. I was in love, and the feeling was even more wonderful than I ever imagined it could be.” (A Walk to Remember)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Moon's Trajectory

I’ve embraced it the way I embrace my curves. Ever-present, ever-changing, and out of my control. There has been no choice in its dawn or dusk, and the gap is closing at an exponential rate. Accept it. The canvas is dripping wet with paints of pain, love, tears and courage. I’ve watched the tides turn just as the clouds shroud the moon at night. And I’ve wondered if the moon always knew about the tides.

I’ve run barefooted across the forest, terrified of the echoes ringing through the night. I’ve been struck on the heel by a fork-tongued serpent and blinded by the smog. But in running, I’ve stumbled across light and living water. In being struck, I’ve experienced the comfort of recovery as wounds rise to heal. I've been lifted into a world of dancing and laughter and dreams.

And here I have become more myself, a proud cacophony of bandages, confetti, and radiance. I’ve always wanted clean perfection, but I’ve discovered perfection isn’t perfect without the blemish. White cannot display full brilliance without the contrast of black, and neither can black. The haunting threats and fears will perhaps still hover silently, but like the moon, the cyclical trajectory will always return me home

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Best Colour

“The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.” -Coco Chanel

Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Dash of Spring

Dreaming of spring…

Adios winter! Can’t wait for the weather to turn warmer and for lots of sunshine and longer days! So glad I’m not one of those who have to work outdoors rain or shine every single day - like the regular posties who I see working hard every morning to deliver mail to our front doors. Just last week I was expecting a parcel but I missed it when the postie came to deliver it in the morning So as usual, a card was left at the door and I went to get it, hoping to just log in the article number online and pick a time over the week when I know I would be available to answer the door.

When I went to get the card however, I noticed something extra written on the front cover. Scribbled on it was a memo saying to please call E at this number asap. And I thought to myself that while this postie was probably being really nice trying to catch me at my convenience, there was no need for me to bother him to come back and also I had to hurry off to uni soon. It wasn’t like I had to urgently receive it or anything so I popped the card back down on the table and went off to prepare for uni

So that evening when I got back home, my mum casually mentioned from the sofa that I had a parcel in my room and that the postie who delivered it was a really nice man. For a moment there I was really puzzled Did I make another order which I don’t remember doing? How do I have another one if I’d just missed a parcel today? Wait… or was it the same one? And so I started blabbering on to my mum about me missing my parcel in the morning and being so confused, and she just looked at me all confused and then after interjecting multiple times that she received a parcel for me and she has no idea what I’m talking about, decided to just let me go on blabbering senselessly until I got to my room

Indeed the parcel in my room was the same one I had missed in the morning! And then I realised that even though I didn’t call, the postie must have come back to each house he missed after his rounds to try and redeliver the parcels I ran out of my room waving the card at my mum, “Mum you don’t understand, look, I missed it this morning, he must have come back to every missed house after his rounds!” She immediately understood then, and said that he was really nice; he had passed it to her after seeing her at the house. Kudos to you Mr E, for going the extra mile It was really nice of him to go out of his way to redeliver the parcels after his rounds because usually posties just leave the missed parcels at the post office for the recipient to collect or to be redelivered the next day. Needless to say, it made my day

It has been storming pretty badly over the last few days, lots of rain and lots of hail Fortunately I’m indoors and not outside in the erratic weather like the posties!

This is the view from my living room, it was hailing at the time!

In other news, there has also been a media storm here, because of the Kardashians

Look at her hair! Even TV stars aren’t exempt from our notorious winds!

The media and paparazzi have been going crazy over their arrival in Australia. I’ve been around in the city but haven’t actually seen them, not that I’d like to be stalking them or anything haha. I do know though that there is a pop-up store on Chapel Street which fanatics have been queuing up hours for. And there are security guards outside the place only allowing a few in at a time. Some people are probably just queuing for a possibility of catching a glimpse of them though I think!