Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Brownies

One of the best times of the year has come around again, with lots of shopping and festive food going around, a cheery joyful atmosphere, as well as the reminder of God's love for us all Merry Christmas everyone!

For on Christmas, a child was born to give us hope

For those who enjoy the traditional snowy Christmas, you’d be disappointed in Australia because Christmas here is often a warm occasion – yes , literally! I don't mind it at all though, as long as it isn’t way too hot. Warm weather is always good for pretty Christmas dresses without having the extra weight of big coats.

And if the summer days aren’t enough, I will be heading off soon (in about a week’s time) to the Island of Endless Summer – yes, back to my home city of Singapore! Yay finally I’m going to be visiting after such a long time I'm excited; there are so many people that I want to hug back there and so much food I need to stuff my face with and so many new places that beckon me to explore In moderation though, for the food. I’d hate to grow ten sizes larger just for being a glutton And also lots of shopping yay Singapore is awesome for shopping in!

I also need to get my hair trimmed back into shape while I’m there, and have booked an appointment with my regular hairdresser. Hopefully she still remembers how I want it to look, even though my hair now isn’t in the right shape Recently, I wanted to tone down my hair colour just before going off on my vacation and decided to get dyes about 1 or 2 shades darker than the ones I normally get. But it turned out darker than expected

I have darker hair now!

My hair is now an ash brown colour, which is a change from the medium gold blonde kind of shade I started off with.

From medium gold to ash brown

In all honesty I'm not complaining though because I did want to try and tone down my hair a little, which did get toned down. Furthermore, this ash brown doesn’t look horrendous or anything. Sometimes under certain lightings, the colour brightens up a little and looks prettier. Of course if my hair turned out in the shade as expected, it would have been great! That being said, this colour isn’t too bad at all and I could get used to it

Monday, December 2, 2013


Serendipity: Finding something good without looking for it