Friday, November 29, 2013

A Touch of HP

Just in case no one has noticed… I’m back online now! Yay! I just had my laptop returned from HP and it works fine now. So here I am, back to blogging and updating random snippets of my life, or imaginary life, for anyone who’s interested. Also I have a couple of posts that were supposed to be posted during the absence, so please feel free to scroll down for more!

My laptop decided to bail on me in the middle of October, as I ranted on about in a previous post, and developed a mind of its own because it decided to start up only when it felt like it. Seriously! It just would not turn on when I wanted it to, but it did occasionally after hours of me sitting there desperately offering it a life-time supply of lollies. And pushing the on-and-off button. Mostly the button.

And then one day it just got sick of its job and refused to start up at all and I went into panic mode, making up a list in my head of all the people I could possibly go to for help, ranging from the police to my car dealer

I wanted to get my Dad to look at it first, but he wasn’t able to because he was about to fly off overseas for work He suggested that I take it to some computer technicians to have a look at it but I wasn’t sure which ones were good or were able to deal with the issue as I’m not a very techy kind of person at all. So after a couple of days I had the B look at it, but he wasn’t able to do much because it turned out to be a hardware problem and not a software problem which he could have done something about. And he too suggested that I take it to some computer technicians and so I was back to sulking at home, wondering where to find these phantom people Then later my Mum suggested I could take it to a family friend who used to do computer projects with my Dad and so we left it at his place for him to look at over the weekend. A couple of days later he called us and let us know he had a temporary fix for the issue and to come down and collect it. His temporary fix was to use a hair dryer to heat up the parts of the fan because apparently the soldering had broken over time and I had to heat it up again to get it to expand and connect. Also he said he wasn’t able to fix the soldering part, and he referred me back to my Dad, who of course wasn’t around at that time

After a couple of successful tries with the hair dryer method, it stopped working again and I was back to square one And I was pretty annoyed by that time because all I was doing on most days was just running around everywhere trying to get it working and it just wouldn’t. My Dad came home a while later and he finally had time to look at it but even after disassembling everything, he couldn’t find the source of the problem. So we called HP for help and after being directed everywhere to everyone, someone finally advised us to take it to an IT maintenance office in Clayton and so off we went. Upon reaching the office the receptionists took the laptop into their secret rooms for some secret technician to look at and came back out saying that it would cost $150 just to send it for analysis and determining the problem, and then another $500 for the suggested replacement of the motherboard, and potentially other costs on top of it My Dad decided that it was way too expensive just to fix a laptop (good choice!) and said he would rather buy a new one and so we left.

HP however, surprisingly gave us a follow-up call afterwards to ask how the service at the IT maintenance office went and my Dad told them we didn’t get the service we wanted because it was way too expensive just to fix it. And so HP said that out of goodwill they would extend our warranty and come pick my laptop up at no cost! Initially I was sceptical about it – is this legit? But they kept to their word and came to pick it up on the next business day and I was still sceptical about handing over my laptop, but I did anyway and prayed that I would get it back. I was told I was being a little bit paranoid

After about two weeks, HP returned my laptop in working condition and even had a report of what they did to it just for reference. Thank you HP for the exceptional customer service and support! They didn’t have to extend the warranty or help me fix it at all, but they did, so that was really kind and has restored my faith in customer service. Here I am, able to happily type away!

Sunday, November 10, 2013