Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Mermaid's Light

“There are some things in this world you rely on, like a sure bet. And when they let you down, shifting from where you've carefully placed them, it shakes your faith, right where you stand.”

Today I celebrate my birthday. I am really excited because today I finally get to start an adventure of my own. Today is the day I get to do more than just go up beyond the surface blue and take in the view, but actually join the humans for a day in their shoes.

Mum and Dad give me a hug and clasp a beautiful coral necklace around my neck. It is stunning, like a thousand little stars in red, and I beam excitedly in appreciation. Then they wish me well and make me promise I would return before the moon peaks in the sky tonight. I promise I would, and with a wave I start swimming off to seek the sea mage. I hope she remembers our appointment, I think to myself nervously.

The deeper I dive into the ocean, the bigger the creatures seem to be. I have never liked where the sea mage lives, in a cove so deep and dark that creatures glow and expose their sharp teeth. But that is where she gets all her wild seaweed and rare corals from, so I guess it must work out for her. I tentatively hover for a bit and wait to see if she is home. It seems awfully quiet to me. My arrival though, does not go unnoticed because soon dark purple octopuses are gliding out, dispersing bubbles and fastening their long arms onto mine as they pull me into the cove.

She is there, stirring a little pot as tiny multi-coloured bubbles effervesce into the ocean water. She briefly nods at me as she gestures for me to take a seat in one of her giant clam shells. I wait as directed, bubbling inside like her pot, with a mixture of nervousness and excitement.

Finally, she pulls out a piece of gold seaweed from the bottom of the pot. She turns around to hand it to me. It shimmers like a little flat, flimsy piece of gold. I place it into my mouth and nearly gag for as pretty as it looks, it does not taste pretty at all. But I manage to swallow it and after I do, I do a little somersault and excitedly slap my tail around. For a moment I expect to feel different, but nothing happens. She chides me for my impatience and tells me that it takes effect only after coming in contact with the surface of the moonlit waters. It is only temporary though, and will last just for the day.

So I thank her for the gift and start swimming and swimming higher until I feel a hint of a strange sensation come over my tail. I pop my head out of the surface and start to call out for my friends Nixi and Seamus, the twin lighthouses by the rocks. They had promised to guide me with their light to the shore where I could enter the human world.

Seamus’s light is flickering and he apologises but there is an emergency with the ships further north that he has to attend to. Shortly after, the light completely goes out and so meanwhile I wait for Nixi’s light. Her light isn’t on and I wonder if she is busy with something else. It is starting to get a little hard to breathe and so I wait with my head sometimes out of the water and sometimes in. I amuse myself by bobbing my head on the water, playing bob-a-boo with the friendly coastal fish. They are so sweet and tiny that I could cup them in my hands.

But time is running out and my tail is starting to take the semblance of long lithe human legs. I anxiously call out for Nixi but all is dark and silent. I need the light to guide me to the shore before lungs and legs fully appear. The coastal fish swim curiously around my disappearing tail and sensing the urgency, kindly offer to safely guide me as a whole school towards the shore. Taking one last long look at the towering figures in the shadows, I dive forward and am carried away by the fish and hurtling waves.

Tidal waves don’t always keep crashing and surging. It takes a while before the moonlit sea finally recedes and falls silent again, concealing the flurry of frenzied creatures underwater.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pointy Names

I would like to apologise to anyone who has been coming here only to find a lack of updates on this blog and jumped to the conclusion that I must have fallen into the River Nile, became Queen of the Crocodiles and lost all access to Earth technology in the murky depths of the watery world No, sorry to disappoint but I assure you nothing of that sort has happened to me. Gee, why crocodiles though?

My laptop has been acting up for the last couple of weeks and decided to develop a personality of its own, albeit not a very good one, in my opinion. The screen stays blank each time I try to turn the laptop on even though the fans start up and light comes on the keypad. And I have to turn it on and off and on and off until maybe after 500 tries the screen starts up and I have to quickly do whatever I want to do before it shuts down again I'm thinking I should stop calling it "It" and maybe give it an original name like "Laptop" since Laptop obviously decides things for me now. So hi everyone, I am only here because Laptop decided to let me in for today. And then tomorrow Laptop will lock me out again

Apparently, I'm not the only one who has been giving out original names. These few months seem to have been all about names as everyone without better things to do awaited the birth of the Prince and also the new Kardashian baby. And because babies can’t choose their own names, obviously, the onus lies on the parents to pick the name that the child will grow to recognise and be associated with. It’s like a label. It’s like if your name was “Fox” people would think of the red, slinky animal and you would probably forever have your nose compared to "pointy nose" , and when filling in the “Hobbies & Interests” section in forms are expected to record your love for “digging holes”. And people would also expect you to communicate by morse when you meet a horse. Or something.

People spend days waiting around for the release of these famous baby names also do so probably because they can then judge the parents on the choice of name. Prince George Alexander Louis? Mm, excellent choice. Traditional, full of history, and very befitting of a royal baby. Good on the parents! They’ll make great parents! And so everyone is pleased.

And moving on to North West. North West? What? What kind of parents names their baby after a compass direction? And what kind of nickname is Nori? That’s even longer to say than her real name! And so everyone makes a huge fuss over the baby’s name and decides that the parents will be terrible at raising their child because they can’t even name their child right

Well. I wonder what people will think of these other names that made the news:

1) Mafia No Fear

2) Number Sixteen Bus Shelter

3) Talula does the Hula from Hawaii
The poor girl! Can you imagine the embarrassment every single time she has to fill in a document or form? And all that extra paper she has to ask for because the form doesn’t have enough boxes for her to fill in her name? And the times when she goes to the doctor’s office and gets called out by the nurse? Fortunately for her she got to change her name to something more ordinary That’s one less child in unwanted spotlight!