Thursday, March 28, 2013

City of Ellbourne

Not too long ago, there was an event held in Melbourne, which made the news headlines and drew a crowd of more than 5000 people on a scorching weekday! Guess who was the star who drew that much attention?

Yes, it's none other than Ellen DeGeneres! With Portia on the left

Check out the massive crowd and that girl on the left dipped in some special Aussie-flag-paint or something haha. Wonder if that's gonna come off in the bath

My sister and I have been anticipating Ellen's arrival for weeks now, ever since she announced on her show that she would be flying to Australia. We were really excited at the chance to get to meet her in real life and see her show being filmed live as we are fans of her and her show I find that she is an incredible and strong woman, who despite all the odds has achieved so much success. She is also a great entertainer with a great sense of humour, and is always making people laugh with her antics. Another characteristic I notice is that while she never fails to remind everyone to "Be kind to one another" at the end of each show, she also lives up to what she says, and is always kind and generously helping others. It's quite hard not to like someone like her, in my opinion Although we were really excited about going to see her, we realised couldn't because we both had tests and had to go to school on that day NOOOOOOO... Really wish she would have chosen a weekend to hold her show, rather than a random schoolday morning...

Recently I had cravings for good churros after watching My Kitchen Rules and seeing the Tassie couple come up with delicious-looking churros that garnered 10 points from both judges And it made me really want to have some good churros too so I decided to try making some. And surprisingly they turned out rather good!

Look at this, it's the plate of churros that I did on my own! They look good, and taste really good; yay so pleased with myself! The only ingredient I didn't have was cinnamon powder, so these ones just have sugar sprinkled on. I think it tastes fine with or without cinnamon though; some people just dip it in chocolate.

I've also been craving for good sweet egg custard tarts, the ones with the flaky pastry, not the biscuit tarts. So far, I've tried quite decent ones down at Crystal Jade in the city. I doubt I'd be able to make them myself since the pastry doesn't look too easy to make!

School has been quite busy of late for me, and I'm struggling to research for certain assignments because of the limited research available at this point on the topic It annoys me the most, when a certain topic is considered fairly new and no one has written much on it. It makes it really hard to research when I barely have any information to work on Study hard everyone, sure hope you're having a better time than I am!