Monday, February 25, 2013

Summer Spell

Summer is quickly bidding us farewell and so is the holidays! Both of which, will dearly be missed

This summer brought a long spell of hot and dry weather, definitely the hottest I have ever experienced since moving here to Melbourne I'm not really complaining too much; I guess the extreme heat is just a tad better than the extreme cold in bitter winter conditions. But really, it seems as if Winter and Summer are fighting for the title of "The Harshest Season 2012-2013". Really guys? Is this title really that important to you both? Can't you fight for "The Mildest and Most Enjoyable Season" title instead? Seems like you both are going all out to get this "Harshest Season" title... But anyway. I won't complain about the heat too much just in case I jinx winter and it comes back with a vengeance of some sort

During the summer holidays, we took a family trip down to Peninsula and visited the enchanted maze and also the hot springs The day started off not so well for me though because I woke up with a throbbing migraine and the weather gave us a searing 36 degree heat to drive in. I took some Panadol and tried to sleep in the car but I was quite nauseous by the time we reached the place. It was not an enjoyable experience. Fortunately the day got better as the Panadol started to kick in and the nausea went away and even though it was very hot, we had plenty of fun running around in the maze and getting half-frustrated (in a good way) at all the dead-ends we kept running into

Then later we moved on to the hot springs. At first we weren't too excited about it because it was a really hot day and going to the hot springs on a hot day isn't the best idea there is But we already booked our tickets so off we went. It wasn't that bad really, it was a bit hot but not unbearable. The place was quite pretty and quite huge. My parents really enjoyed relaxing in the hot spring water. My siblings and I found it a little bit of a strange experience because as we went into the hot water, we felt this weird pressure on our bodies. Personally, I would describe it as a squeezing sensation, like my body was being squeezed. Daddy says it's the hot water making our blood rush quicker and it's uncomfortable because we're young. I didn't really like the sound of that, I was a little spooked because I felt like at anytime I would just burst or something so I didn't linger long in the waters. Other than that strange new experience, the place was quite fun and a lovely place to explore. There were also some pools of cold spring water for those who prefer it

During the holidays, I was really excited to discover a restaurant which had fried carrot cake! Oh yay! I haven't had it in years and I was wondering if I would ever find it being sold anywhere in Melbourne. When I discovered that a restaurant had it on their menu, I was so stoked and ordered it right away and I wasn't disappointed because it tasted good Only thing I found odd was that there were dried shrimps in it, which I don't remember being present in the dish back home.

I doubt anyone can see the dried shrimps in this photo though haha you'll have to take my word for it.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of the summer before it fades away!