Monday, January 28, 2013

Patience is not fluffy

Greetings from the pair of sweet alpacas~ Time for a really belated first post of 2013! Can you believe it's already the end of January? It seems like the older you get, the faster time flies... little bit terrifying isn't it?

With 2013 will come a few changes and honestly, I am not a fan of change. Changes often give rise to uncertainty and people don't always like that. We all want to stay stable and steady in our own comfort zone (well, most of us do) and the reason for that is because as humans we want to know what's going to happen and to be in control. At the same time change is not always a bad thing; in fact it is easily arguable that it could be a good thing (but we'll save that argument for another day) and so one doesn't necessarily have to fear change. It is the early stages of change most people dislike I suppose; the rocking of the boat, the unwanted thrust into uncertainty, the need to adapt... etc. But well, then again it's not just with 2013 but with every year, there will be changes; whether significant or not. Like they say, the only constant is change!

One significant change that will be happening this year in my family is that my brother, who has just finished high school, will have to return to Singapore to serve his compulsory military service. And no, I am not too pleased about that He is going to have to live oceans away from family for 2 years in order to serve a nation we don't reside in nor are properly part of anymore because if he doesn't it is a legal breach and there will be legal consequences and fines involved and all that. Okay that being said, I don't hate Singapore; I'm just not pleased about having to loan my little brother out for 2 years of duties and like not being able to pop into his room and get him to come help lug the heavy furniture around or help reset the Internet and like when I go into his room it wouldn't be messy anymore with clothes and food wrappers and shoe boxes and stuff he leaves lying around because he can't be bothered cleaning up and now he has to grow up and go learn how to fold his own clothes properly like an adult...

Recently another massive change happened and has affected my well-being and at this point I can't really say it is for the best. I'm still unhappy about it, I feel like I've lost a part of myself, like literally, yet I can't actually do anything about it. Take a look at the damage done below.

Please ignore the baby hairs lining my forehead; I tried but couldn't clip them up.

My beloved hair has been cut off! Honestly, this is really too short for my liking. It's unacceptable and I am displeased! I mentioned to my hairdresser that I wanted to just trim the shape back to the same distinct layered hair that I usually have, because as the hair grows, the shape sort of gets mussed up. And that I wouldn't mind 1 or 2 inches off the length. But later when I got up to look at the mirror I was quite horrified that my hair went from waist-length to barely reaching the top of my chest! And the floor was completely covered with like a whole mile of my hair; I nearly burst into tears on the spot It was definitely not 1 or 2 inches off the length. Sigh... Then again I suppose it could have been much worse...

Well, hopefully everyone's had a better January so far and no one's had to deal with having their hair sheared off. Until someone invents a shampoo which induces speedy hair growth (the kind that actually works and doesn't have side-effects like causing hair to fall out faster), I guess I can take comfort in the fact that hair will grow back, albeit slowly. Patience!