Friday, December 28, 2012

Festive Goodies

Christmas has come and gone now! How was Christmas for everyone? Mine was fine, no snow no nothing though since it doesn’t snow here, at least not apart from the mountains. I do prefer summer over winter anyway so I’m quite happy with a warm Christmas either way!

I had an awesome time shopping for gifts, and then along the way finding things I liked and gifting myself… There were sales everywhere, not only for potential gifts but also for festive treats to make Christmas sweeter! *yes pun intended*

We went into Happy Lab to look at some chocolate and were quite pleased with the service received from the staff As we were browsing through the jellybean section, the saleslady offered us some samples of any jellybeans we wanted to try before purchasing. We didn’t buy them though but it was good to be able to test-taste before making a purchase. I think I tried the butterscotch flavour or something – can’t really remember now. We got some chocolate from there because I like their chocolate!

Belgian pure milk chocolate and White with chocolate chips~

My sister also introduced me to this strawberry-flavoured-cream-covered-in-rainbow-sprinkles-biscuit called Hundreds & Thousands. Not sure why though. Must be the hundreds and thousands of rainbow sprinkles on top of the pink cream.

Packaging is quite pretty, pink with a cute teddy! But really, I’d pick a prettier name for it though. Something like say, Rainbows & Strawberries. I know, I’m so original!

Here we have the sprinkled, pink biscuits.

Because store-bought chocolate and rainbow-strawberry-biscuits aren’t enough, we had to also take a day to bake some sugar cookies. In Disney and Sanrio character-form!

All moulded and ready to be put into the oven. Look, these are so cute! I thoroughly enjoyed moulding the dough into little faces. It is my favourite part.

Fresh out from the oven!

Christmas cookies all done! They taste pretty good too *pat on the back*

With all the festive goodies and gifts, Christmas was good. I was really excited on Boxing Day when we were all unwrapping our presents and able to see everyone’s faces light up at their presents. It was also a time to remember that amidst all the presents, God had given us the greatest present years ago. And that He will continue blessing us abundantly with more, as though Christmas wasn’t enough

Christmas at Melbourne city this year~

And so with that, 2012 is coming to an end; we have all survived it and will move on to 2013 soon~ It will be again another exciting year I believe I will be viewing the fireworks in the city on New Year’s Eve for the first time. I'm looking forward to it, though I can just imagine having to jostle through the crowds and to hold on tight and avoid getting lost I hope you all have a wonderful countdown to 2013!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Rhythm in the Rain

We sit side by side in silence, basking in the presence of each other. The rain starts falling all around us, first gently bouncing off the roof and then without warning lashing at the windows in torrents. It is cold and loud. You give me a little squeeze and instantly a wave of warmth envelops me. I look up and smile and the storm’s rave drowns out in the gentle look on your face. Then in a split-second, you decide to pull a silly expression just to make me laugh and it works, because I am caught off-guard and I start giggling and I make a face back at you. We keep laughing for a while before we notice the dreaded lights and faint voices coming our way. You beckon me to be silent and quickly pull me away from the windows and we duck, just so the tips of our heads can barely be seen. You swiftly and silently crawl into the small cramped space, body twisted in strange places, just so you can make enough space for the both of us to fit. You comment in amusement that you are doing yoga and I am now staring directly at your foot and I think to myself how your foot looks so much bigger than my face and somehow the thought escapes into the semi-darkness and we find ourselves beginning to chuckle; only you manage to control your laugh faster and think to hastily cup your hand over my mouth to stifle mine. We huddle together for a bit, anxiously waiting for it to be safe. The rhythm of our heartbeats and breathing is still rising and falling in unison. We don’t need words to know whatever that is lurking outside can only do so much, so long as we have each other inside.