Saturday, November 10, 2012

Spring + Fashion

Hello everyone~ It's springtime here in Melbourne
Pardon my limp hair in the photo. It was a rather cold spring day at the time, and it was drizzling and the wind was messing with my hair Somehow it looks like this photo was taken in autumn instead haha. Oh well. Melbourne and its infamous erratic weather

I'm sorry I haven't been posting in such a very long time. I am well into my examination period and I have two more papers left to go. Argh. It is stressful. I feel like I'm going to explode and die

What I enjoy about spring here is the Melbourne Cup event. No, I don't watch it. But I really like the spring racing fashion that girls (and guys) would don during this week and attend the event in. I think it also coincides with Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. It's awesome If only the weather permitted us to wear spring fashion all year round...

First up! Cute hats!

More pretty hats~

The dresses~ Oh look how sweet are the dresses!

Yeap. So I de-stress by ogling at Spring Fashion dresses. Haha.

Okay now I really must get back to my studying...