Monday, June 25, 2012


Hi there everyone! I have just finished my last paper and I am now into my winter holidays! I love the feeling I get every time school ends or when the examination period finishes and I finish my last paper. Finally, I get to rest and do anything I want and no longer be constrained by the impending examinations and sleep well without stressing and just, well, feel FREE! I think the closest word to describe this feeling is...

Invincible! I feel invincible!

It's like I can run around doing anything now, really. Freedom feels great. And with such freedom, I ought to do something awesome, you know. Like, go looking for giant rabbits. Just because I can.
Found not just one, but TWO massive rabbits! It's great!

And then, after discovering two giant rabbits, it puts me in a great place to do something much more awesome. Something that says "Invincible". Something like... teaching the rabbits how to speak German!
Yeap. Now I have two German-speaking-giant-rabbits! They totally deserve that carrot now. Or maybe ten carrots!

It's awesome what invincibility does for you.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rule #34

Be your own heroine. The only thing you need to be saved from is the idea that you need to be saved.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Chains & Cakes

It’s going to be a long weekend for most people, with the Queen’s birthday coming up on Monday. It also coincides with my brother’s birthday, and then after which the day after would be my sister’s birthday! Aww, my little siblings all grown up now~

My first paper is coming up this week and I am a bag of nerves! Been trying to force myself to sit down and study but I can never concentrate enough to do so

I try to sit myself down and make myself study. But, five minutes later...

My mind starts wandering, bigtime!

Honestly... I think I need to buy some chains and chain myself to the table and books. Or at least metaphorically chain my mind to the books

Anyway, so today I met up with G today for brunch; look what she got for me!


She remembered I said I liked it, and she decided to get both flavours because she didn't know which one I liked! I'm so overly touched that is so incredibly sweet!

Look at the back packaging, how cute is this?

Our catch-up at Brunetti!

Here's to hoping I can remember everything while studying with Pocky! All the best to everyone else having exams!