Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Shoutout & 11 Questions

I'm here to announce that I AM ALIVE! I recently received a few frantic enquiries via text messages as to whether I was alive and breathing. I'm sorry for making you guys worry I actually ruined my phone (again!) and so I was quite uncontactable. At the same time, my laptop decided to also die on me, by shutting down and refusing to start up again unless I went and replaced its internal battery. Which was rather inconvenient; I had to go to different computer stores to search for it. It was also rather pricey, costing more than $150 and had to be ordered in from the manufacturer as well. Which meant, I had to wait. That's why I went MIA for quite a bit. I'm so sorry... a big hug from me to make it up to everyone!

On a side note, I thought it happened at a good time. Any earlier, it would have affected my working on my last research paper for the semester which I submitted the day before the laptop shut down on me. Any later, it would affect my studying for the exams. I imagine I would be running around freaking out. That being said, I'd rather it not have died at all of course! But well, I'm happy at least it is up and working again

Recently I was tagged by Seriousnuts to answer a list of 11 questions. Thanks for the tag, I enjoyed answering them! And so, here are my answers to the 11 questions

1. How long have you been blogging?
I have been blogging since 2006. My past archives can be found here. Alternatively, scroll down to Ancient History on the left. This current blog contains archives from 2011 to today. There is no fuss or big personal story behind the change in blog url. I simply preferred this url.

2. Are you a procrastinator or do you take care of things right away?
I can be both. It depends very much on what the task is. I will attend to urgent matters right away of course. Mostly though, I admit I am quite the procrastinator.

3. If you have siblings, are you close?
Well, we can be. I have a younger brother and sister. I am closer to my sister though, because she tends to invade my room and burst into random comments about her day and stuff. My brother doesn’t as much. But having said that, I love the both of them equally

4. What's the best thing about your job? the worst?
I haven’t got one, at the moment. The closest thing I have to a job is being a student. The worst part? Hmm. I don’t know. You tell me.

5. If you had $1,000 to spend on anything you wanted, what would you buy?
$1000… Perhaps one-tenth of a car.

6. How long has it been since you visited your hometown?
It’s been over a year now since I last visited Singapore. I guess I’m lucky though. Some people haven’t seen home for years.

7. Have you decorated for Easter/Spring? please share pictures.

8. Do you sleep with a fan on?
Not unless it’s during one of those heat-wave-days we get during summer, but otherwise, I’d freeze with a fan on

9. The beach or the mountains?
...or, the shopping mall?

10. If you had to choose only one which would you pick: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or blogging?
If I had more time, I’d pick blogging. But during the time-deprived seasons, Twitter is good too.

11. When shopping, do you use coupons or shop around for the best deal?
Shop around for the best deal.

Alright! Now I tag every reader here to continue the chain! Hope you would have fun answering the questions as well!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ode to Winter

Hello, how is everyone feeling? I'm feeling quite accomplished at the moment, having just finished yet another 3000-word paper It's invariably such a painful process, but worth it in the end! Also, I know I have disappeared from blogging for about a month now I try not to, but then it gets difficult especially when the demands of uni is such that one has to be consistent. But well, the semester is coming to an end in a few weeks and I'm going to sit down and blog more! Yay! Actually, I'm not sure if that's quite a good thing for you readers because I can just see myself complaining about the cold as we start going deeper into winter Brr~ I'm really not as happy as I look in the photo. I'm freezing all over!

Hmm. Perhaps you want to know what I've been getting up to. Last month I attended a wedding ceremony of one of my colleagues. I absolutely adore weddings. But this time I was really excited because I was to attend as myself, for a connection of my own rather than normally attending ones with my family through family connections. Does that make sense haha? I just feel like I'm all grown-up now! I haven't got much photos of it, and now I wish I had taken more as a token from the first wedding I attended myself I admit I got lazy after I saw the massive DSLRs the professional wedding photographers were hauling around.

In response to the pseudonymous comment on my tagboard regarding my posts from 2006-2010, I must say that you can't be a "random blogwalker" because no random blogwalker could possibly know without constantly coming here that I have past posts stashed in another blog somewhere. Either way, that's okay, you just reminded me that I had forgotten to put it back up when I took it down a few months ago! I had initially taken it down because of coding and file hosting issues which I'm ashamed to say I never got round to fixing, but I promise I will in a bit! Then I'll put it back up. Thanks for reminding me! 

Alright. That concludes my quick little post to all of you before I slide back into the books.
Stay healthy!