Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Transitional Leap

Happy Leap Day everyone! Do you remember what you did the last leap year? I remember mine; I had a movie date with a close girlfriend of mine... And the reason why I remember it is because we watched the movie "The Leap Years" which is an incredibly romantic film with a hot guy in it (haha that's probably why we picked it; plus I love all things romantic!)

This leap year, I know of a friend whose birthday is on the 29th February, and he's officially having his 5th birthday today! Aww. I guess even though they miss out on their real birthday every year until the fourth year, it just makes the birthday extra special because they wait longer than everybody else for it!

So recently, as you might probably know, school has started and it's already been a scary first week of school. Still in the midst of making that transition from work in the holidays, back to school!

From a swamped receptionist...

...To an overwhelmed student.

For those who don't know, I was doing a bit of work as a receptionist over the holidays.

All the impending deadlines and assignments and papers and the past experience of last semester's stress is getting to me. I'm terrified that I would buckle under the weight of the workload But at the same time I guess, because I know better now that there will be heaps of work, perhaps I can better plan my time and prepare myself for the onslaught of it all. I felt like I was close to the brink of death before, perhaps I wasn't too prepared last semester and got stressed out trying to juggle everything. Either way, encouraging myself hopefully to prepare better to face this semester!

And you know that feeling? Of despite having that one extra day this year, I still feel like time is running out. Boo. Time to hit the books.