Sunday, December 25, 2011

It's Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone from all corners of the world! Here's an animated card I made to greet everyone in four languages...

If you are like some kind of a photo behavioural analyst, you'll realise that I'm trying to hide one side of my face from the camera. Yes, it's because it's swollen! Just a few days ago I finally went through wisdom tooth extraction... How brave was I, seriously?!

The right side of my face is still a little swollen, but definitely better than the first day after the extraction of course! Personally, before going in I was really terrified. While it wasn't as bad as I had imagined, it certainly wasn't a breeze! The injecting of anaesthesia did hurt; imagine needles being pushed into your gums!

I'm telling you, the needles were humongous, and I expected to die.

Anyway! I shan't ruin the festive season with talk of death and painful surgeries! Crossing my fingers for Round 2 (not looking forward to it) of my extraction in January for the remaining two wisdom teeth.

Have a lovely Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Great Ocean Road

Hello everyone! I'm not DEAD! At least, not yet anyway. Sorry for the lack of posts for the last hundred days Finished exams and then it was straight to work. Sometimes I've got days from 9-5 and by the time I get home, I'm too tired to do anything else.

Anyway, I'm here to make up for the lack of posts by composing an extremely long one - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Plenty of photos to go with the writing anyway.

Last week, K flew all the way from Singapore to visit Melbourne and part of her Melbourne tour was a stop along Great Ocean Road! I hadn't been to Great Ocean Road since I was 12, so I leapt into tourist mode and joined in the road trip It was a terribly long drive to Great Ocean Road from Melbourne, about 4 hours, and the roads were windy because we were going up the mountain. Hence, by the time we reached the supposedly freezing destination, I was pretty much too nauseated to feel cold - which explains why in the following photos, I'm just in thin cotton clothing, as opposed to the other people there.

Me and K outside the entrance.

The Twelve Apostles. Apparently there's only Eight Apostles left because the rocks have been eroded away Not really sure about that though, I reckon the real story is that mermaids borrowed the rocks to rebuild their underwater palace when the 2004 tsunami destroyed it. And diplomatic talks with the mermaids failed to get us back the rocks so the government made up the story of erosion. We all know, failed diplomatic talks means less votes for them. So let's just stick to the official story eh? Erosion. That's what happened. *Nods knowingly*

Me, K and SK.

It was really, really windy, so please excuse the hair. I do not normally look so, wild. And K has bunny ears here (in the middle), haha!

Another shot of me and K.

The pretty ocean waves.

Scary cliffs!

See! It's so scary! We might fall and DIE!

SK was taking this photo for us and he commented it looked like a postcard! I think it's because the cliffs and the sea and the rocks all fit in nicely in one shot. Happy!

Woo~ Literally on top of the world!

Seriously, the wind was a HUGE problem. We had to stop every ten seconds (or maybe just me) to fix our hair.

Me and SK.

Teehee! Look how cold the boys are!

Moving on from the Twelve Apostles to the London Bridge. Can you read what's written on the sign?

Zoomed in words of the London Bridge sign!

The tidal waves at London Bridge.

The remains of London Bridge.

Boys are freezing! Az is deliberately posing like that (on the right) because he wants to look like Superman

K and I and the horrid wind!

Die, wind, die!

The helicopter pad. Apparently you can experience Great Ocean Road from a bird's eye view for a massive sum of money. For like, 5 minutes.

Our next stop that day along Great Ocean Road was to the Wildlife Park! Which, I will share in another post because this one is way too long, and I'm tired. Stay tuned!