Sunday, September 25, 2011

Strawberry Pocky!

Will someone please buy all these Pocky for me? I promise to love you foreverrr~

I used to nibble on Pocky a lot in Singapore... One of my favourite sweet snacks! Also, it was readily accessible and inexpensive. My parents won't buy me Pocky here because its expensive per pack and it's also kind of hard to find. If I had a random craving for it, I would have to specially go out and search in the Asian grocery stores

If only Australia allowed personal import of food, I'm telling you, I would be importing boxes and boxes of Pocky... strawberry Pocky, chocolate Pocky~

Or, I could move to Japan for an endless supply of Pocky!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A slice of pie

Whew! Finally finished two of my English essays that are due this week. I'm happy! Haha I feel so saturated now, all the literary devices are still floating around in my head Have been sacrificing my sleep for the last few weeks and especially this week... I think that's why I've been sick too I was really sick especially during the mid-sem week and as a result I couldn't really study or concentrate properly during the papers And I was really worried after the paper because I just knew that I would have failed, only how badly. However, when I'd received my paper back this week, I was astonished that I had at least passed it! YAY!

I'm still sick now, coughing and all I hope it's not hayfever or anything weird that takes a really long time to recover. Shall sleep HEAPS afterwards and over the mid-semester break next week (yeap its next week!), before another massive load of schoolwork hits!

It's so strange how whenever I fall sick, all I feel like eating are all the foods which I can't eat? It's sooo annoying!

I woke up this morning (ahem, or afternoon) and went straight to the kitchen. After days of porridge, I wanted something that tastes like real food! So I fixed something sweet and yummy (and, forbidden!)

Ice cream and apple pie! Yummy~ The pie looks a little like meat haha I think it's my lousy pie-slicing skills Photo doesn't do it justice, it's way yummier than it looks! It's the sweet and crusty kind of pie with thick sweetened chewy apple slices all in melty piping-hot caramelised sauce Yeah I know I'm not supposed to eat stuff like these, especially ice cream because I'm coughing a lot, but I convinced myself that it would be the last non-porridge meal AND I would drink buckets of water

Hopefully I'll get well soon though. I wanna be able to eat delicious food without feeling sick!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rule #104

Never do something stupid just because you are temporarily upset.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cover - Betrayal/背叛

If it's possible to fall in love with someone simply through their voice, then I've fallen in love with this guy - Jason Chen! He has this super amazing voice ♥, and his voice is so versatile in terms of singing in both English and Chinese~

Don't you think he's really talented?

Friday, September 2, 2011

The Voice

When I was really little, in kindergarten, I loved going kaikai (Singlish colloquial for going out) and grocery shopping with my family. It was nice, zipping around those big air-conditioned supermarkets, dumping hoards of chocolates and chips and kids' favourites, into the cart

Anyway, so there was this one time, I was pattering along the aisles browsing through the titbits when I came to this sample stand. I can't really remember what it was for but it must have been some adult thing, like herb drink or tomato soup or something like that, because I wasn't really interested. But I stopped to stare at the lady giving out the free samples. She was promoting her samples in a voice that clearly did not fit her face, or her age. She had a little girl's voice! And I remember standing there, wondering if I had mistaken a little girl's voice for hers or I had mistaken her age. Maybe she was a young girl hidden in the adult make-up

I stood there facing her sample cart for a really long time, chocolates forgotten, before I finally concluded that it definitely was her voice and she definitely was not a young teenage girl. It was a rather strange thing for my six-year-old-mind to comprehend She looked down at me and smiled, "Where is your Mummy and Daddy?" It felt rather queer to listen to a voice, that sounded like my playmates', coming from a lady. I ran back to my parents and I asked my mum, "Mummy, when girls grow up, will their voice be lower?" (Yes, yes I know, my limited six-year-old-vocabulary). And Mummy said no, only boys' voices will become deeper. And I shrieked in alarm, "What! Then I will forever have this baby voice? Forever and ever even when I grow up?!"

I think she looked up from her grocery shopping for a moment, half-amused at either my panic, or the impression her child had of her own baby voice. Meanwhile I ran back to the sample cart lady's aisle and peeked at her. I told myself not to think bad things about her voice because one day when I grow-ed up, I didn't want little girls to poke fun at my voice either

Anyway! I am veering off-topic. I initially began this post with the intention of talking about this new reality show called The Voice, and I ended up storytelling my little girl memories The Voice is a singing talent show which has this new concept, where contestants are judged solely on their voices. The judges (Christina Aguilera is one of them!) are faced backwards from the audition stage during the 'blind' auditions and opt to have their chairs turned back to face the stage if they liked what they heard. I thought it was a really interesting concept and twist to the typical talent show, because it truly focuses on the singing itself, which is what singing competitions are meant for, right? Of course, image and 'the whole package' are important as well. But okay, that's beside the point. I want to see how the show will turn out, and who truly has 'The Voice'! Yes and I know the show has finished, but Down Under has just started airing it Don't be spoilers!

Ad for The Voice!

And when you're sitting in front of your telly watching The Voice, you should always have a packet of Korean seaweed with you.

"...Uh, and that has got to do with The Voice because...?"

Haha. Nothing really. I just like Korean seaweed a lot nowadays~

Super yummy!