Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Prettiest Toilet ever~

Hello lovely readers of my blog despite it being tucked away in a tiny pink corner somewhere among the squiggles of the massive World Wide Web. I know I haven't posted anything in a million years, or rather, written a proper blog post. But! *defensive mode* I promise I have a really honest decent excuse for the period of silence See, you all know school has started right. And and and... it's a really been a terribly hectic semester so much that sometimes I feel really depressed and suffocated by all the expectations that come bombarding at me from everywhere...

Anyway, I just wanted to whip up this really super duper quick post to say HELLO I'M STILL ALIVE (at least I think I still am) and I promise to write a proper post, or, uh okay, proper posts once I manage to snatch a much-needed breather

And meanwhile I will leave you people with an amazingly pretty picture!

Say hello to the prettiest toilet in the whole wide world!


  1. ahhh~ this picture is really cute even though its a toilet! haha love your random sweetness~

  2. This is so cute ! I never thought I would say this about toilets one day !

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  3. Haha yeah it is cute!
    Will check it out, sounds lovely!

  4. Everything is cute in pink, as cute as you.