Saturday, July 30, 2011

Luo Zhi Xiang 生日 2011

Today is the 30th July! And as usual, I always prepare a special little card on this day every year!

Yeap that's right! It's Show Luo's birthday! Haha. I LOVE HIM TO BITS! ♥

I hope the chicken scratches are legible (and make sense)! I haven't written Chinese in like, a gazillion years! And don't judge me for putting myself in it too. I just wanna be in a picture with him you know...

If anyone is like really dying to know what I wrote on the card, SHAME ON YOU FOR WANTING TO KNOW THE CONTENTS OF OTHER PEOPLE'S PRIVATE LETTERS! But I'll translate it anyway because I'm happy today Here's the brief English version of what I wrote!

Dear Little Pig (his pet name)

Happy Birthday! You're older by one year now, haha!
You know, you're not just a superstar, but also a role model whom we can learn from. You have experienced much, met with numerous hurdles, yet still have the success of today. When your career or life was not going well, you would never give up. You would still host shows with a smile, rehearse dances tirelessly.
Hopefully you will always remember that the strongest people would be the ones who face the most difficulties in life.
All the best!

Love Esther

生日快樂, 羅志祥!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rule #132

Never sacrifice who you are just because someone else has a problem with it.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Feasting Fun

Stayed in Melbourne for this semester break! I wish holidays were longer. I WANT MORE SLEEP PLEASE

I'll have to be anorexic for the next hundred days to rid myself of the fat I have now! I blame all that food.

Went to dinner at The Kitchen Workshop at Crown Casino (lovely place), to celebrate B's birthday There was a promotion where each person gets 1 kilogram (or was it half kilo?) of prawns. Either way, ITS CRAZY. My brother and I shared one plate of the prawns and I think I was only able to make it through 6 pieces of prawns

The prawns were tasty, but wish they would already have been de-shelled!

My awesome dessert! Chocolatey goodness.

This single profiterole was supposed to be savoured by me but was stolen when I turned my back for a few seconds. LESSON LEARNT: Never leave dessert unattended especially when you are sitting with your hungry little brother.

"You owe me a profiterole lil bro!"

Me and ML.

Us all, after dinner.

Also, met up with my classmates, and had dinner at a Korean BBQ Restaurant! It's really good if you like Korean food. But I don't really like how you have to cook on your own for Korean BBQ. Plus, I was super scared that while the food was cooking, it would sizzle, and then like splat and burn my face or something No prizes for guessing I wasn't the one cooking!

Haha, pretty food!


Me and F. BLURRY PHOTO BOMBER in the background is K!

K, me and F.

Haha! There was this really funny incident with K at the Korean restaurant. He's super ditzy hilarious! Since we all knew a bit of Korean, we asked him to order in Korean for us. The first order went well, he asked for some cups of water in Korean and the waiter understood. The second order went like this...

(In Korean)
K: Waiter, over here.
Waiter: *comes over* Yes?
K: Can we have some mushrooms?
Waiter: What?
K: Uh... Mush...rooms? *looking at us for help*
Waiter: *stares at him, then turns to us and asks in English* What is he trying to say?

We all burst out laughing and decided to order in English after all. It was super funny, how the Korean waiter couldn't understand K's Korean. HAHA. Poor K, he was so embarrassed after that and REFUSED to order for us anymore! Though, I probably would have met with the same outcome were I the one who was ordering in Korean

Then we had dessert too after the meal. I was disappointed when at first, the 'free-flow' ice-cream they offered us was black sesame ice-cream. I didn't like it one bit and I gave my bowl to F. But later, another round of ice-cream came and it was Neopolitan! SO I WAS HAPPY!

It looks really tiny and boring but I'm telling you, WAY BETTER THAN SESAME FLAVOUR KAYES!

Alright shall stop here! Expect the non-food-related holiday activities in another post!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Tree Spirit of Paper

I have multiple paper cuts on my hands! I HATE PAPER CUTS! I've been handling so much paper at work, that sometimes I don't even know that I've been cut. It's only in the shower that I realise I have paper cuts because my hands start stinging in random places Paper cuts really do hurt! Whatever have I done to paper in the past that they must attack me so?!

Though, after pondering and sieving out the past injustice I may have rendered any paper, I have come to a logical conclusive theory. Paper is made from trees yeah? I'M PRETTY SURE THE TREES ARE ANGRY WITH ME!

You see, last week, while my parents were driving me home, they informed me that the trees around our house had been chopped down. And being that daft half-deaf teenager fiddling with her phone, I said...

"...I don't really care much for trees."

And, unbeknownst to me, the dryads or tree nymphs must have heard it and decided to punish me by sending their descendants, PAPER, to destroy me and my hands! NOOOO!

You know. We really should save the Earth, and love the trees and quit using paper. See. I'm blogging on the computer! No paper!

No, and I'm not saying it just to get back into the tree nymphs' good books so that they will call back their paper troops from slashing my hands. Tsk. What nonsense.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Quick Quake

It's the holidays now and I am supposed to be getting lots of rest! Haha yes, all my papers are finished. There was this funny incident with the invigilator who came up to my desk before the start of my Korean exam.

Invigilator: Oh hello. Where are you from?
Me: Um... Singapore. *wonders why the random question*
Invigilator: Oh. *laughs* I was just wondering if Koreans would be taking Korean 1.

What! Haha. Yeah I sure wish I were native Korean especially then, totally could use the extra 20 years of Korean exposure for the paper!

Anyway yeah, semester's over and I'm working now! Work is kind of a good thing, keeps me busy and prevents me from too much alone time with my maniacal inner self. Yes I confess. I blame my wild imagination on the years of exposure to literary works and their authors. Then again I prefer to think of such as a Creative Discourse.

So work was pretty mundane as usual, but then suddenly the whole office started shaking, literally. The windows were rattling really loudly and I was pretty annoyed. My first thought was "What kind of truck driver allows his truck to be so mega-huge and mega-loud, and just plain mega-annoying? It should be scrapped!"

And then it took about a few seconds before my common sense argued that it would take a truck the size of Tullamarine Airport to have sent such tremors across the ground. Tremors... Oh my! It's an EARTHQUAKE!

Melbourne hit by Earthquake

Tuesday, July 5th 2011

Geoscience Australia recorded the 4.4 magnitude quake as hitting at 11.37am.

The tremors, which lasted up to 15 seconds, were felt across Melbourne's southeastern suburbs.

So far there are no reports of damage.

Residents in suburbs including Rowville, Trafalgar, Kilsyth, Hawthorn, Elwood, CBD, Melbourne Airport, South Melbourne, Brunswick, Richmond, Lilydale, Fitzroy, Elsternwick, South Yarra reported feeling the tremors.

Prof Ian Cartwright, of the School of Geoscience at Monash University, said earth faults that cause quakes do exist in Victoria but it was unusual for tremors to be felt across several suburbs.

"Even though we don't have major faults in Australia, there's always a little bit of movement on these faults and when they move we get small earthquakes," he said.

Herald Sun

It's kind of cool and exciting I guess, because IT'S MY FIRST EVER EARTHQUAKE EXPERIENCE, but of course thankfully it's only a 4.4 magnitude. Any higher would have been frightening and could possibly cause damage.

Speaking of damage, I came home from work and saw that my neighbour's fence had fallen down. I guess, perhaps they need to invest in a better builder.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Don't hate the nice singer

Are you a celebrity? Here's a trick for you to turn your haters into adoring fans. It's not difficult!

Well first of all...

Perhaps you have a nice heart-warming music video about something everyone goes through, nope, not hurt or pain or global warming, but something like...


"It's lunchtime, lunchtime... It was breakfast time, now lunchtime, and dinnertime afterwards!"

And you have it posted on an online media sharing site, like UTOOB where the world can view it and totally hate you because you are promoting a regular well-balanced meal that most people skip because of work. And word spreads around - "Go home and UTOOB this song. It's so bad, you HAVE to hear it."

And that's not the worst part. The worst part is, after you have become an internet sensation, the recording company decides to make more money off you and charges users $2.99 to view your video!

Oh no. Already you are notorious with millions of haters, and still people are forced to pay money to view your video? Now what?

Well. Easy! Make a big fuss with the company, insist that people should not be paying to view your video. Take the video down!

Aww. You are a nice celeb. Everyone will like you now.