Monday, June 27, 2011

Repulsive little Narcissist

Have you learnt by now that not everyone is reliable? It doesn't matter how close, or how related you may be. Why?

Because they are incredibly selfish. In letting someone down over and over again, in so many different situations, prove only that they care not for that someone's feelings, or that someone's effort, but only about themselves and their own gain. Repulsive.

Haven't you learnt yet? Over time, they have appeared in different forms, promising you everything you can ever gain, if only you would put in that tiny bit of effort on your part. Make an appointment, have a mutual agreement. But you might want to read the fine print. They are entitled to break off the pact anytime, upon their whims and fancies. You have, but all to risk, and all to lose. What's the big deal? Your feelings aren't worth anything.

Repeatedly, you did favours for them, offering your services and genuine kindness. Did you seek gratitude in return? Perhaps not, but you certainly wouldn't expect that they think you were obliged to serve them. What a nasty shock. Ungrateful.

Then you wonder, in those numerous situations where you thought they would do the same for you just as you had done for them, did they feel any guilt at all in turning you away? Were they remorseful at the umpteenth broken promise? But why would they? Surely there are better things to waste time on, than to subject themselves to self-reproach over another being's hurt feelings.

"There, there, poor little girl. Have an ice-cream. It might be poisoned. But of course I wouldn't want to poison you. I need you around to serve me. And to feed on your betrayed feelings. "

Perhaps you realised, years ago, that they were gaining at your expense. In the beginning, you didn't mind, possibly because they always grunted a quick apology for the last broken promise, in need of a new favour from you. Fair-weathered. But why are you keeping tabs anyway? We should all be the embodiment of love.

Who are you angrier with? Them for hurting you consistently? Or yourself for allowing them to, while in full knowledge of their true motives?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Monday, June 6, 2011

Mousse the Exams

School's out! We're into the exam period now. Aww. But at least there's no more classes, no more waking up early and trudging for miles in the brutal cold!

So now I have a bit of time on my hands, before my exams begin. Hmm. I don't know. What should I do with it?

I could...

Run out of the house, yelling, "For Narnia!"

Or, I could buy a pet rock. And teach it clever tricks for Show-and-Tell!

Maybe, I could help an old lady cross the road. Well, not because I'm free now. I mean, I do it all the time. No, really, I'm just nice and kind like that.

But then it's the exam period and classes have ended for that reason right. How very sad! It means I probably have to use the time to study!

HOWEVER, I don't like to study! 私はべんきょうするきらいです!Okay, I'm hoping I got that right.

Look at the pile of books I have to study for the semester's exams! It's half the size of me when I'm sitting down holding a Cadbury Chocolate Mousse in Caramel Flavour! Is that even legal? I mean the books, not the chocolate.

In any case, everyone should try the new Cadbury Mousse chocolate! It's sooooo veryyy yummy; the mousse is all melty, velvety, and it's like eating Angel Cake covered in Angel Chocolate~!