Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Feud with Odds

While manoeuvring through life, one may find that life isn't so simple. Life isn't plain good versus evil, happiness versus sadness, or a well defined line between black and white. In a world where corruption and colossal waves of gloom thrive in, are we forced to create those formidable fortresses just because we are afraid, and we select the easiest way to blend into that crowd of duplicate miserable faces?

No, sometimes we don't want to stick out, and be easy prey for the blood-suckers. And perhaps because also we know who they are. We are them, and them us, and we know from experience and instinct the course of events that would unfold. Surely, on hindsight, we would want to prevent, rather than lick our wounds after we are destroyed from what we knew would destroy us. Still, there are others who look on and claim that in withdrawing like tortoises, we close ourselves yet to better things out there. Are we really, though? Who can fault us for fearing the world beyond?

Contrary to popular belief, we are not stupidly collecting boulders and bolting ourselves in, resulting in us so denying all potential happiness and hope. But I would think, we navigate ourselves around with ammunition, so that we block attacks, and unravel tricks. We sharpen our eyes and identify the bluffs of this world, while being in it. And I admit, because we are not perfect, we may miss goodness that we think may be disguises. Sometimes, we are satisfied with the assets we already have. Sometimes, we risk it all to gain more. But life is full of hits and misses. Happiness to some, is acquiring and nailing the right bubbles of opportunity. To others, it is the successful preservation of present defined satisfaction. Adversity, however, is a rather different situation that we would prefer to eradicate completely so that we have a pain-free slate to design pure comfort. One must not become so starry-eyed as to neglect potholes.

I propose that nothing can be robbed from you, when you have nothing to lose. Or, seemingly nothing. So now, we are one step ahead of the enemy, with one minefield less to conquer. Know thy enemy. Corruption and anguish have acquainted us with wiles for a reason, and now, armed with forbearance and facts, we can sidestep what once blew up in our faces.

You know, there is no one single correct formula to strategise our feud with odds.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Lady Grenade

"I'll throw a grenade at ya.
Stick your head in a blade, oh yeah.
I'll push you in front of a train, oh yeah.
You know I'd do anything to ya.

Take that, Bruno Mars.
You liar, just the way you are.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Preference Confusion

Learning a new language takes effort. One has to take the time to explore its structure and diverse vocabulary. Being able to ultimately communicate one's thoughts in a language other than one's native language is an exciting feeling, or at least, to me. It is most important, however, to actually know what you are saying.

During Japanese class, we were practising asking each other "Like and Dislike" questions. My teacher randomly called on me to answer one of the questions. And seriously, I am compelled to improve my Japanese.

In my mind, I was answering her question with, "No, I hate homework."

Yes, feeling very confused now and the whole class seems to be staring.

I cannot believe myself! I was saying the complete opposite thing!

Realising it, I yelled out "NO!" and the whole class erupted into peals of laughter while I sat there, as dumb as ever.

Yes. This calls for a larger investment of time into distinguishing LIKE and DISLIKE.

Okay. Right now? Still reeling from the embarrassment.

I am also quite compelled to improve my Korean as well to avoid such possible catastrophes.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Friday, May 6, 2011

An Orange Easter

Looking out of the kitchen window the other day, I noticed that an orange circular mass had nestled in the grass of the backyard.

Look! It's definitely a UFO from Planet Orange come to teach us the importance of protecting all things orange!

So I opened the door and went closer to the Orange UFO, in search of the tiny little Orange Men camouflaged in the wide forest of green.

Yes, very smug because I am the first to meet the little Orange Men!

I haven't bumped into the little Orange Men yet, but look! Gee, with such a creepy face like that it's no wonder they abandoned ship.

And because I am really curious, I creep closer to inspect the Orange Shape.

How disappointing! It turned out to be an ordinary orange ball after all! With a creepy smiley face.

It's all too bad. I haven't yet really reached that age where I can go round the neighbourhood yelling, "Hey which one of yer pesky kids threw yer ball into me backyard!"

Well. Finders keepers this Easter! And speaking of gifts, I also received this giant Easter chocolate bunny from J! Thanks!

Sorry Mr Bunny I ate your ears!

Then we had free Ben & Jerry's at uni today too! Well, not exactly FREE. We kinda had to do this survey to get the coupon for the Ben & Jerry's.

My free Strawberry Ben & Jerry's!

And my sister baked muffins too! I did the icing on my muffin

What an awesome yummy week! And, I got an orange ball for free! Just like what I always wanted!