Friday, April 29, 2011


With all this flurry of excitement over the Royal Wedding, I've decided to too add in my two cents' worth. So, my thoughts on the wedding are...

I so wanna be a princess too! How unfair is this?

Oh hello folks and peasants and commoners! I have successfully usurped the throne and am now your Princess!

Oh man. Was it that easy to spot this peasant in disguise? It's because I'm not as clever or as pretty or as kind or as skinny or have as clean fingernails as the real Princess isn't it! Hmph.

While the Royal wedding was going on, it was made known that the Prince's younger brother, the other Prince, also has a partner and therefore I will never ever EVER have a shot at becoming Princess! Such devastating information sprung forth an epiphany and I was alerted to the presence of another important Monarchy in the world.

So I turned to my sister, who was Mapling (or something) and politely asked her to Google the Japanese Prince.

Me: Can you please Google the Japanese Prince?
My sister: Why?
Me: Knowledge is good.
My sister: *stares at me*
Me: Okay... I just wanna know.
My sister: Fine. *Types 'Japanese Prince' into Google* Why in the world would you wanna know about the... OH MY GOD. No you don't, you crazy person! He's only FIVE YEARS OLD!
Me: Oh... *Sad face* Never mind.

There, look at the happy couple. Aww. And even though I will never get to be a Princess, or get to ride a carriage drawn by horses into a castle, or get to sit on the imperial throne, or get to wear a Princess crown, or get to wave the Royal wave, or get to marry Prince Charming, or do any of those things I've always dreamed of doing...

I must say weddings are lovely and I, envy aside, am happy, watching true love sealed by marriage.

Now stop judging me for being such a hopeless romantic! PEASANTS CAN DREAM TOO!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wide Sargasso Sea

"Do you know what you've done to me? It's not the girl, not the girl. But I loved this place and you have made it into a place I hate. I used to think that if everything else went out of my life I would still have this, and now you have spoilt it. It's just somewhere else where I have been unhappy, and all the other things are nothing to what has happened here. I hate it now like I hate you and before I die I will show you how much I hate you."

Wide Sargasso Sea

Saturday, April 9, 2011

舞法舞天 2011

Guess who's in town this week?

Yes, look, its Show Luo, the love of my life, come down to Melbourne for his 舞法舞天 concert 2011! Super exciting! After leaving Singapore for Melbourne, I never thought that I'd get a chance to see him perform, because he's never held a concert in Melbourne before. But he's here! I think I've never been so happy, ever!

The concert's held at the Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre, which is a lovely place, once you like figure out how to get there. I kept complaining "Why is it so far?", "Where are we now?" and "How much longer?" every two minutes or so of walking

But finally we arrived!

I immediately ran inside, looking for notices to direct me to the concert theatre.

Yays! His concert is just right ahead!

Here it is, at The Plenary!

Oh looky here, I can't believe I'm really inside!

And here he is! OMGGGGG 罗志祥! Mad love ♥♥♥

Asia's Dance King ♥


Awesome drumming skills. He started on drums at the age of 5!

Some of his slower songs.

Aww. Fell in love with his ballads. Look how handsome he is ♥

Back to his signature dance moves.

Hello hotness!

Literally making me melt

Took few publish-worthy photos from the whole of the concert because I was kinda busy watching him myself and soaking up the atmosphere to stop and press the shutters every five minutes. Haha. Somehow he looks really far in the photos (couldn't zoom too much) but I wasn't actually that far off in the theatre. The furthest people were up in the balcony!

I was so sad when the concert ended! It was much too quick but then again he was dancing for about 2 hours I guess he needs plenty of rest. Oh wells!

I'm soooo in love with him! Can't wait till he comes back to Melbourne again! And the next time I'll probably go buy the $300 tickets and sit in front!

Okay! Shall end this post with a random picture of him

Sunday, April 3, 2011

What are you doing to me

Everybody's laughing in my mind
Do you do what you did when you did with me
Did you forget all the plans that you made with me
You said you needed a little time from my mistakes
It's funny how you used that time to have me replaced
Did you think that I wouldn't see you out at the movies
What're you doing to me
You're taking her where we used to go

That Should Be Me