Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Knife, Me, and the Lemon

I hate the fact that I keep falling sick! It's well into a few weeks of school and I have work piling up yet I'm stupidly glued to the bed with a malfunctioning body and bottles of water and mounds of tissue.

I can hear you guys thinking, "Because you don't take care of yourself."


Anyway. Since I was having a sorethroat, I decided to drink some lemon juice (without honey because honey makes me really nauseous) to kill off the bacteria or something. So I got out of bed, went to the kitchen and since Mummy was busy, I found by myself the essential ingredients and tools needed for making lemon juice.

Knife. Lemon. And me.

I mean, that combination couldn't be too lethal right?


So I admit, I don't know how to use the knife. I think the lemon must have rolled off by itself or something. In any case, it all happened so quickly that I didn't become frightened until a while later. It was like my brain was lagging or something, because it came to me slowly, "I cut my fingers. I'm bleeding. Oh no. I tried to chop the lemon and I chopped my fingers. Oh God, I chopped my fingers. OH GOD. I CHOPPED MY FINGERS. OH MY GOD! OHMYGODICHOPPEDMYFINGERS!!!!!!!" And here is when I start freaking out and crying.

No I didn't chop OFF my fingers. I somehow just cut two of them with the knife.

You know what? Someone really ought to invent flat lemons.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Enemy

Marriage is the only war in which you have to sleep with the enemy.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pink Fluff on Friendship and Pain

I've been home in Melbourne for so long and haven't really managed to upload photos from the last few days I was in Singapore. Haha. Sorry. Was actually really sick too for the last week since school started.

Facebook can wait. See a sneak preview of the photos here first on my blog!

The Awesome TTK/First Borns in Dreamy Effect

I've known most of TTK since I was 13, which is like a very long time ago! I know right, so old.

Mei, Xian and Ben!

Mirror Me and Mei.

Mirror Xiany Mei and Me.

Aud, Mei & Ben's melody.

Yippee, the Libras!

Candid them.

Tight-knit, childhood, teenage-years friends. They are the ones who watch you fall, who pick you up, who fall themselves and teach you what it is like to give. They see you at your worst, at your temper-throwing-teenage-drama-age, at your sullen-maturing-prim-and-proper-adulthood and also at your sky-high-successful-moments in life. So many people walk in and out of your life, and one needs to discern, who are the ones who will actually stay.

Oh no. I'm such an old woman with all these thoughts on life.

Xiany Me and Ben~

What I love most about all my sweeties is that we can be brutally honest (really, like, CRUELLY BRUTALLY) with each other, get so mad and yet make up all in 24 hours.

Fun fact! We got into a huge quarrel just before this outing but see, we are all so happy now!

Happy TTK!

Me and Auds.

Xiany, Me and Ben again.

Anyway! I'm so mad happy that finally, after three weeks of carrying my gorgeous Sanrio Hello Kitty wallet around, someone actually noticed and complimented it without me showing it! Ah! All is not lost! *nods in satisfaction*

What does suffering result in? Initially it was decided that the best way to protect oneself from harm is to harden oneself and view the world in that supposedly 'adult/mature' manner possessed by those who have been through life's most trying times. But is that not the desired outcome of the King of Odds? To harden and create a world of coldness and pain? Hence, contrary to popular belief, perhaps to battle hurt is for one to never let go of those beliefs that complete. To love so violently and fervently to jolt them into knowing, they can never rob one of the ability to love. After all, is strength really strength when one lets go or gives up in the name of 'becoming stronger' or 'protecting oneself'?

Of course I don't mean to throw yourself stupidly in the face of danger like blind turkeys or something.

My mind's going into a bit of an overdrive even before I start properly mixing up my '안녕하세요' and 'はじめまして'. Yes I know, not-very-smart to take two new languages Korean and Japanese at the same time! Guess my random rant is to compensate for the next few weeks where I believe I will be blogging much less, to immerse myself in that alternate reality of academic studies. Though it is pretty exciting

By the way, just complaining. I have like seven prescribed texts for Lit, this semester. There's only like ten plus weeks in one semester right? And to think that we spent two years in JC on five texts! And its not like we mastered them in that two years too!

Who's the one that claimed Uni is going to be easier than JC huh?!