Monday, February 21, 2011

Let's play Sardines

You know how a few months back I blogged about 'Things to do before turning Twenty' (Awesome purple hair)? Here's another tick off the list.

G and S drove us to some random scary deserted abandoned empty plot of land in their territory and suggested we play Sardines in the dark forest of overgrown grasses and whispering trees right behind it.

Me, being still relatively new to their world, had completely no idea what sardines was, apart from the fact that this term is used to indicate fish in a can... I think. And since Australians have different names for certain terms we use back home, I guessed maybe Sardines was another name for Paintball, or something.

The guys kindly informed me how the game Sardines was played. One person hides inside the forest, while the other people hang around for maybe thirty seconds and then attempt to find that person. The last one who finds the person loses.

I was completely flabbergasted. "Oh. My. God. We are twenty. And we are playing hide and seek?! In the dark? In the middle of the night? In the forest? With weird animals and poisonous plants? And in this 12 degree windy weather?"

I can never comprehend the mind of males.

In the end we split up into teams to play, yes, hide-and-seek inside a forest in the middle of the night. Was teamed with S and we hid behind a bush.

When S and I were seeking, a dark figure suddenly shot out from behind some trees. We took a while to realise it was T (because it was so dark right!) and S gave chase, afterwhich we discovered that T only ran out from his hiding place because he heard some weird noises and thought it proper to flee from the strange noises.

We never found out what the noises were but S suspects its G. Haha.

Yes. Things you should might wanna do before turning twenty. There, I've played Sardines and I lived to tell it.

...oh my God. I can't believe I actually played Sardines.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

For Bestie, 2011

Because I believe that our friendship is more than that. Ours has been founded on the basis of time, and honesty is merely another cementing of its foundations. Of course, I know. I know that honesty is a double-edged sword and it wields the power to make or break a relationship.

Yet I chose it because I had faith in the bond we shared, and our relationship was one of the few things I didn't have to be cautious about, right?

也许我伤害了你,对不起。 But what is done is done, and any intention today to turn back time and change it is fruitless, no matter how strong the will.

And I guess I will be bogged by guilt forever, because you are one person I would never, ever dream of hurting. Somehow my better judgment was clouded on that day because of my choice, and in turn, contributed to a slew of bruises you had to endure. Oh my God. The more I think about it, the more horrible I feel.

How far we have come. Today I am an old woman stopping to look back at the path taken. Two roads diverged in a wood; would it really have made a difference to have taken the path least travelled by?

Irrespective of the path, you would have walked with me, like you always do. In euphoria, you were there to giggle, in agony you were there to hug me and say, "Just cry."

Look at how far we've come now, bestie. Look at who we are now.

See, your eyes are so pretty!

Happy Birthday Bestie ♥ Love you loads. EIGHT YEARS AND COUNTING!