Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pure happy fun, for now

It's coming to an end, these fun and games.

Yes these are vodkas at Zouk!

A, me and D!

Me and A.

So we took plenty of photos!

There were the singing sessions too. Haha. I am going to miss the karaoke especially with my sweeties!

Singing with my TTK!

With T.

Hello A and HX!

Drink up drink up!

B, A and Me! BAM!

With love, MX and A and me.

A and me in Orchard!

Just a few photos to let everyone know what I've been doing for the last few weeks in Singapore. Expect more photos in later posts. Haha. Don't mind me. I am really lazy to type a proper post for now.

Chinese New Year is coming really soon, in about two weeks. Which means that my vacation in Singapore will be drawing to a close. Oh well. Shall have more fun while I'm here!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Not-so-sweet Treats

Oh my goodness. I conclude that the scope of modern technology is limitless!

Was happily browsing shelves of tantalising chocolate when I noticed an extremely odd flavour of chocolate.

So I was a little edgy when I noticed Blueberry flavoured chocolate.

And then I saw the CHEESE-FLAVOURED CHOCOLATE! Seriously?!

B decided to buy a pack of each unique-flavoured Kit-Kat (each pack contains like twenty mini bars or something). So I was offered one of each to sample.

For the record, the Blueberry Kit-Kat tasted okay, it was milk chocolate with a sweet tinge of blueberry. The Cheese Kit-Kat, however, was cheese-coloured and tasted nothing like chocolate. I suggest that one should expect a savoury taste when attempting to sample the Cheese Kit-Kat. Not that it tastes horrible or anything. It just doesn't taste like chocolate. And I'm not saying that in a bad way.

I like Kit-Kat. Preferably original flavour though.

And while we're on the topic of chocolate and all things sweet, I would advise readers to stay away from the lethal combination of little kids and chocolate ice cream.

I got a whole glob of chocolate ice cream IN MY HAIR because I was sitting too close to my little kid cousin during our dinner out! And as you all know, I LOVE MY HAIR, so basically I was squirming in the restaurant desperately dabbing at my sticky hair while it reeked of milk! Like, milk in a bad way!

I'm pretty sure my hair smelt of dead animal too. Like a spoilt-milk kind of animal. Hence the extremely sad face.

Update: The Cheese Kit-Kat tastes like sweet cheese.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Yummy 2011

If life were to be charted like a graph, with peaks and dips, I would say 2010 would be a plunging bottomless valley hitting a record negative. It is the year I discovered the feeling of helplessness, a feeling I was hardly acquainted with before.

The relatively smooth sailing years other than the last fortified my assumed control over my life, or rather, the belief that I was in control. Like my namesake, I too was labelled as The Planner. Somehow the plans I painstakingly crafted in my mind, came to fruition through determination and effort on my part, which fuelled my belief in the internal.

Perhaps being so reliant on my internal locus of control blinded me to external attributions. My plans would never be God's plans, if my heart's desires were not founded in His will. Which is to say that the 'perfection' in the whole of my life had not been achieved by me alone but by God's grace because He blessed and granted me the desires of my heart in accordance to His perfect plan. But I had foolishly delighted in my achievements and taken for granted the seemingly 'perfect' life I lived, owing such to my effort. Hence I was, and maybe still am, a fighter, because I believe in fighting for my dreams. I would never allow the uncontrollable control my life.

Yet the year proved otherwise, rearing its ugly head and destroying every minute plan I had made for the year. I fought in vain only to be unpleasantly surprised, completely confused and completely caught offguard. I hovered between denial and firing up more ammunition. But the year wasn't going to go according to plan. The more I struggled, the more I found myself dragged deeper into the murky depths of Failure.

When the final blow came, it was fatally indescribable. I was left with little choice except to surrender, because it was evident that I had lost the battle. But who was I fighting with? Myself?

I cautiously creep towards Him now. Honestly, I still am afraid. It feels like He too has abandoned me. Or is His silence intentional?

Before, I would mock the ones who do not fight, for I am a fighter and fighting is a strength on its own. However, now I see that it is the ones that do not fight who are truly the stronger ones, for they pray and wait and trust and have faith.

I too must grow stronger, and cease fighting. For it is fighting that reveals my weakness while the strong have the courage to put their faith in the uncontrollable.

I only pray that I am granted this favour of such strength.








Okay! Here's to a Yummy 2011!